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Vivid Epiphany Brain-Based Coaching & Consulting is a Leadership Development company transforming the best and the brightest into great leaders.

What happens when you or your organization has gaps in leadership development?Leadership Development, Executive Coach, DFW Executive Coach, Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, Talent Management

Simply put, employees perform poorly and key talent leaves.  In many organizations, we see the symptoms – anger, frustration, chronic stress, fatigue.  And the results – lack of motivation, lower productivity, high costs of turnover, and lack of time for strategic work.  Our coaching services help to create a more resilient, creative and high performing culture through leadership development.

How many leaders in your organization are overwhelmed and exhausted?

Constant change, interpersonal conflict, and having to do more with less in the organization can burnout leaders and staff alike.  Many executives feel alone, as time constraints have eroded their networks of mentors and champions.  Often, we hear executives tell us that while they understand that their most important task is to develop talent, they have no time for leadership development.  It can cause them to disengage, which creates disastrous results for productivity, talent retention and succession planning.  At Vivid Epiphany, we help the individual and organization upgrade key leadership behaviors, enhance leadership effectiveness, and foster stronger relationships.

40% of new executives fail within 18 months.

The direct costs of replacing a failing executive can account for 250% of that executive’s salary.  Ouch.  This doesn’t include lost opportunities.  Make sure your succession planning includes developing your high potentials for success.  At Vivid Epiphany, we succeed when you succeed.

How can you unleash your potential? Come in… explore… learn… become a part of our leadership development community.

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