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Assuming Your Team is Executing Your Plan?

Most of my prospective clients answer yes to this question.  And, when I ask them “Based on what evidence?” or “How do you know?” I usually get a vague answer referring to some quarterly all-hands meeting (or worse yet, the yearly one).  Business owners and Executives:  If you aren’t keeping your vision and goals at the forefront every day, neither is your staff.  It is too easy to be caught up in the day-to-day happenings and emergencies to keep the eye on the prize that was mentioned fleetingly in a powerpoint presentation delivered months ago.

Free Teleseminar to Land Your Dream Job

Miriam Salpeter just posted on her blog about our upcoming free Teleseminar:  Land Your Dream Job: 8 Strategies for Outrageous Success.  This is our gift to those of you who’ve been affected by the recent downturn in the economy and for those of you who are scared to death that your job might be next.  It is free which makes it risk-free to you.

Top 3 Reasons Why Gift Giving is Good

Critter underneath the Christmas Tree

Critter underneath the Christmas Tree

I’ll start this with an admission: we abdicated on the holiday season this year.  There are no latkes, no tree, no gifts, with the exception of those to non-profits such as Best Friends and the Heifer Project.

I didn’t miss any of it until today.

Imperfect Action Strikes Again

Confessions of an Blog Killer and Accidental Spammer

I don’t like bothering my web designer for small things.

You see, my background is in Information Technology.  Nearly a decade ago, I was a web developer for about a minute.  Adding an RSS Feed button shouldn’t be a big deal for someone with my vast experience with HTML coding, and so, I added that myself.  I didn’t like what the About this Place said on the side bar, so I changed that, too.  I didn’t like the paragraph color, so I changed that in my style sheet, too (in production, without taking a backup).  All was well, until I got a call from Jeremy McKane, my web developer, “What did you do to your blog!”

Managing Group Politics With a Bitch : )

A Case Study of How One Poor Hire and a Merger Changed the Culture of an Organization

Transform your Overloaded, Underperforming Brain into an Efficient, Overachieving Machine (Part 3)

In part 1, we touched on some highlights about what neuroscience has taught us about learning, patterns and their impact on thought.  In part 2, we looked at how those thoughts determine emotion and how anger and fear impact the quality of thinking.  Over the year, we’ll be examining other forms of overload and providing some concrete actions to mitigate or avoid them.  Today, we are going to tie this together with the answer to this question:

Transform Your Overloaded, Underperforming Brain into an Efficient, Overachieving Machine (Part 2)

In my last post, we touched on some highlights about what neuroscience has taught us about learning, patterns and their impact on thought.  Today, we’re going look at how simple thought connects to brain overload, how overload creates an environment of sub-par performance and some strategies you can implement today to transform your brain into an efficient, overachieving machine.

Transform your Overloaded, Underperforming Brain into an Efficient, Overachieving Machine (Part 1)

This train of thought will be broken into several bite sized chunks for easy digestion.  As a kindness to all involved, I’ll post the piece-parts in quick succession so that we can all “stay on the train.”

It all starts with learning

Have a Brain-Friendly Thanksgiving

Although I have decided not to participate in this economic downturn, I understand that many of you range from mildly anxious to scared to death.  Feeling scared and anxious, especially over that which you can’t control, doesn’t serve you, my friends. Worrying doesn’t change what it is. On this eve of our American holiday, I want to give you a gift so that you can focus on what you want and on improving your world.  My gift to you is… Thanksgiving.

Living Leadership That Connects Vision & Values with Passion and Purpose

Welcome to our community.

We founded this place to create a connected community of life leaders:  successful people who understand or want to understand how they can bring their best selves to their passion and purpose.  We find these leaders everywhere – in the obvious places like corporations, small businesses, in public service and as organizers.  We find them in the less obvious places such as at home, in neighborhoods, and in our friendships.  We believe that most everyone has it in them to be a leader and that great leadership is what is required to fulfill potential and to realize one’s calling.

We define a leader as someone who guides others to be and do their personal and professional best to create a better future.  Being a leader is who that person is, not simply what they do.  This is why the business leader and the life leader are synonymous with success.  We all have opportunities to create a better future when we recognize those opportunities and accept them.  The keys are to develop ourselves into strong, attractive forces for positive change and to bring that “who” to each opportunity.

Our intention at Vivid Epiphany is to use coaching for results to build a community of life and business leaders who create thriving environments where people can use their talents to contribute something significant to a purpose they’re passionate about.  We’re looking for people who want to put their values into action.  We believe that when people bring the best in themselves to what they do every day that they and their communities will achieve greatness.

You are the leader you’ve been waiting for.  Will you accept the role?  Please let us know with your comments.

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