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Top 3 Reasons Why Gift Giving is Good

Critter underneath the Christmas Tree

Critter underneath the Christmas Tree

I’ll start this with an admission: we abdicated on the holiday season this year.  There are no latkes, no tree, no gifts, with the exception of those to non-profits such as Best Friends and the Heifer Project.

I didn’t miss any of it until today.

Maybe it was that the Hanukkah and Christmas decorations didn’t come down until March last year.  Maybe it was that I had a goal to lose weight and the gingerbread house didn’t finally get tossed until June when it became clear that even if I wanted to take a flying leap off the wagon that it wouldn’t be with that dusty, nasty, over-preserved thing which after six months still had no mold.

Mostly, it was that our family and friends are fortunate enough to have everything that they need, and crass commercialism offends me.  It seemed like a better idea to fund the charities.

Here’s the thing… I miss the part where I pick out the perfect gift.

As you might have guessed, I am not the person that you see at 11:49pm on December 24th at the Walgreens (or CVS or Rite Aid) mindlessly grabbing items and checking off my list.

I make my own Christmas cards, for goodness sake.

I focus on the person.

What would they like?  What do they need?  What would they like, but would never in a million years buy it forthemselves? What I miss is that feeling of connection that comes from focusing on who someone else is.

So, what are the top 3 reasons for [mindful] gift giving this holiday season?

  1. It is a self esteem booster.  Don’t we all feed good when we feel generous?
  2. It empowers us.  As we make the decision about what we can afford and/or about what we will hand-make, provide or buy, we’re taking action.  Action makes us feel powerful.
  3. It builds relationships.  Actively thinking about who someone else is and what would make them feel good helps you to know them better.  Not to mention that people like to receive gifts.

Have a happy holiday season, and enjoy all of the gifts you’ve been blessed to receive.

Peace and Prosperity,


p.s. – the gift to Best Friends provides a year-long membership which includes their e-newsletter and magazine.  Love it!  So, what is the best gift you’re giving this holiday season?

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