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How to Get Real Performance Out of Your Performance Management

Image by Scott Maxwell

Image by Scott Maxwell

Yesterday, we talked about the most common way larger organizations set about the performance management and how it demotivates rather than focuses on success.  Today we’re going to talk about how you as a leader can be that Calibrator of Accountability and Responsibility™ (by Legacy Leadership), and create meaningful and motivating objectives in your organization.

Is Performance Management Killing Performance?

“Goals without a vision are just a task list.”  ~ Ken Abrams, Top Coach Consulting

We set goals to take us somewhere greater, and without that strategic plan, we’re just chasing after to do’s on the road to nowhere.

Photo by Terry Shuck

Photo by Terry Shuck

The Best Mentor Coach

Ken Abrams, the Best Mentor Coach

Ken Abrams, the Best Mentor Coach

One of the things that new coach’s realize in the first months of their training is that we didn’t know what we were talking about when we said that we’d been “coaching all of our lives.”  At the beginning, most of us thought that because people seek us out for advice and support that we were coaches, and that was somewhat true for me as I look back over my management career.

The Biggest Mistake I Made Trying to Reward Peak Performers

Photo by Tina Lawson

Photo by Tina Lawson

Several years ago, I was sitting in my VP’s office after my team spent a grueling year implementing a doomed-to-failure-from-the-start software project.  Over the course of time and two divorces. it had been reduced and re-reduced into something achievable, and we were discussing how to reward the team for less than $100.

Unless we stuck to the $1 Value menu, the team dinner was definitely out.  My VP mentioned T-shirts.

Would Disclosing the Salary Secret Explode Your Organization?

Photo by Opacity

Photo by Opacity

Do you remember the days when car shopping was fraught with stress because when it all came down to the price you paid for the car came down to how well you negotiated?  Back in the day, all the buyer had to work from was the MSRP, which nearly everyone knew was thousands more than the car would sell for, and would it surprise you to know that pre-internet women and minorities paid on average 2% more than white men?

Save The Day With Collaboration

Photo by Stavros Markopoulos

Photo by Stavros Markopoulos

Today, I want to take a look at Best Practice Number 2 from the Legacy Leadership® model (this is the model that serves as the foundation for my Inimitable LeadershipTM series of group masterminds). This best practice states that a leader is a “Creator of Collaboration and Innovation.”

What’s Your Business Networking System?

I just finished this week’s installment of my Land Your Dream Job Seminar with Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers.  Much of the Design Your Strategy, Devise Your Action Plan and Get Moving was centered around designing a strategy around networking.  My guest in 2 weeks will be Jeff Klein founder of Klein Creative, speaker, author, and creator of the audio 30 Seconds to Success.  If business networking is something that you’re still not comfortable with doing or aren’t receiving results doing, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff’s teleseminars.

Why Goal Setting is a Waste of Time

SMART goals.  Set goals to be successful.  New Year’s Resolution’s don’t work, set goals.  You can’t make progress without goals.  Sound familiar?

You’d think that as a coach, I’d be all over this goal-setting business.  You’ve heard about goal setting all your life, haven’t you?  Parents, teachers, and self-help gurus will all tell you that you need goals.  People with goals are more successful, right?

Not entirely.  There are a couple of challenges with the way most people set goals.

How to Thrive in Tough Times

This interview with Sandy Vilas, the CEO and owner of Coach U, author, speaker, and the man who built the largest coaching practice in the world, is an excellent resource for those of you who are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the economy.  If you’ve been feeling afraid because your job is in danger or gone, if you want to attract more business in 2009, or if you are looking for some tips that you can put into action today, this is an hour well spent.

Take a Leadership Role: Build Priceless Business Relationships

Dean LIndsay came to speak at my Winning the Game Lunch in Plano, TX last Friday.  His talk not only gave me a different framework for talking about the importance of relationship networking, but also reminded me how important it is to you and yours to take a leadership role as a networker.  In this article, Dean provides a 4 step process to becoming a great networker.  These are also great tips for how to succeed in any environment that requires service, collaboration and trust.

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