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Why Goal Setting is a Waste of Time

SMART goals.  Set goals to be successful.  New Year’s Resolution’s don’t work, set goals.  You can’t make progress without goals.  Sound familiar?

You’d think that as a coach, I’d be all over this goal-setting business.  You’ve heard about goal setting all your life, haven’t you?  Parents, teachers, and self-help gurus will all tell you that you need goals.  People with goals are more successful, right?

Not entirely.  There are a couple of challenges with the way most people set goals.

When most people look at goal setting, what do you think they’re looking at…..

Past, present, or future?

If you said “future,” and that’s truly what you look at when you set your goals, then you are both on the right track and in the vast minority.  The other 99% of people who set goals for themselves do it based on their past.

What’s wrong with that?   Well everything… literally.

They have past-based conversations with themselves that are based on what’s wrong.  What they didn’t get.  What they didn’t do.

The Law of Attraction says that we get more of that upon which we focus, and as people focus on scarcity and lack, they set themselves up for more scarcity and lack.

The other scarcity-based way they set goals is based on an ideal or a “should.”  “I should have made more money.”  “I should have lost some weight.”

Who has set goals in 2009?  How many of those goals are the same as the ones you made in 2007?

As a coach, I help my clients to focus on their personal vision and the implementation of real workable strategy.  My premise is this:  The shortest distance between points A and B is a straight line; it really helps to know where point B is.  You can do things the way you’ve always done them, or you can meet with me to design vision and strategy so that your life is much more effortless.  Contact me for a complimentary session to see if coaching is the right way for you to get what you really, really want in 2009.

Peace and Prosperity,


p.s. – A big thank you to my mentor coach, Ken Abrams from Top Coach International, who is helping me to get what I really, really want this year and who shined the light on this topic.

p.p.s.- Are you tired of the journey down the meandering road to don’t know where?  Wouldn’t you like to accomplish something really great this year?  Get your complimentary session today.

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