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Archive for February 2009

Another Reason Why “Speaking Mastery” Rocked

What I’ve noticed about attending excellent seminars is that they tend to attract excellent people.  The Speaking Mastery Conference attracted exceptional people, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to connect with them.

One Reason Why “Speaking Mastery” Rocked

Photo by Nicholas Laughlin

Photo by Nicholas Laughlin

Many of you know that I just got back from Business Growth Solutions’ Speaking Mastery Conference in Kansas City because I was pinging about it periodically through the weekend.  There was so much great information and energy, I though my cranium couldn’t hold it.  For those solopreneurs and small business owners who use public speaking to promote their business, I highly recommend both the Grow Your Business Live! event and the Speaking Mastery.

What’s Your Saddest-But-Can-Now-Laugh-At Red-Flag Story?

Miriam Salpeter, my partner for “Land Your Dream Job” and I were talking about some of the “horror” stories from her recruiter friends about major faux pas that candidates have done in interviews (such as calling their previous boss an insane a$$hole).   She recently wrote a post on her blog about Red Flags and not ignoring them.  It’s tough in this economic climate when all the news is bad, and I’m not looking at your mortgage statement.  That said, it has been both of our experiences (which again, aren’t your experiences) that most people who ignore the “red flags” end up regretting it.

Inspirational Workplace Q&A – We’re Having a RIF. What Can We Do To Help Our Laid Off Employees Make the Transition

Photo by Tim OBrien

Photo by Tim O'Brien

Q:  I am so overwhelmed.  I work in Human Resources for a mid-size business, and we’re having to reduce our staff.  I’ve worked side-by-side for several years with many of these people, and it breaks my heart that we’re having to do this.  How can I make this easier for them.

Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Great Coach

Photo by Todd Lappin

Photo by Todd Lappin

Imagine…. I am standing high on my soapbox.

Last week, I got an invite to a teleseminar “How To Get Started As A Coach (Even Part-Time), Be Well-Paid
To Share What You Know And Help Lots of People”  I should have known from the “part-time” that I wouldn’t like what was going to be said.  This was a “get rich quick” type thing, and it’s misleading…. and infuriating as the “Coach in a Box” people are unleashed on the world.

The Top 5 Mistakes New Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them

Photo By Michael J

Photo By Michael J

Nutritious Food For the Brain

Lime Jello Brain Photo by Elisabeth Feldman

Lime Jello Brain Photo by Elisabeth Feldman

Happy Thursday!

Next to being a co-author in a client’s amazing success story, the best thing about being a coach is the [self-imposed] requirement of being a lifelong learner.  Being innately curious and a lover of ideas and language seem to be common amongst the coaching creed.

Why can’t job interviews be honest dialog?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing?

These days job interviews resemble this weird, parallel, Stepford-wives-ish universe in which everyone is perfectly groomed and smiling.  Let’s play a game of interview tennis.

Brian Liloia

Photo by Brian Liloia

The interviewer serves the ball: “Tell me about yourself.”

The well-prepared candidate slams it the ball just inside the right corner with a well-prepared two minute commercial about all things relevant to the job. The score is love-love

Neutered an Employee Today, a Study in Motivation

Photo by Kevin Trotman

Photo by Kevin Trotman

Today, as I was attending my Personal Coaching Styles Inventory Certification course, we listened to a case study in which a very frustrated manager was talking to his coach.   Imagine, that it goes something like this:

10 Ways to Use Linked In To Find A Job

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki wrote a very nice post about some more sophisticated ways to use LinkedIn to help you.  Most of my recent postings have focused more on using social media to build relationships.  This is about the nuts and bolts of doing research.  Small Business Owners, the ideas that Guy talks about in his post could easily be transferred to your research into companies in your target market.

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