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Top 10 Business Tools You Can Get for FREE

Photo by Seth Anderson

Photo by Seth Anderson

I came across an excellent article on about some of the best free tools to help small business owners.   I had been looking for things like this for my business a few months ago, and I wish I’d found some of these.

Here are my top 10 picks:

  1. Open source web conferencing applicaiton.
  2.  50GB of online storage and backup.  If you are still using an external hard drive to store and backup your business files [Carolann is cringing], your business data isn’t protected from fire, flood or power surge.
  3.  Open source software for audio recording.  I *love* this and use my Skype headset to record guided visualizations.  You can edit your mp3 files, which means DANCE MIXES and KARAOKE!  Sorry, I got carried away.  There are tutorials on YouTube which make this free and easy.
  4.  One way to get your blog traveling to other sites and more traffic back to yours.  Google just bought this, so I only expect it to get better.
  5.  Social networking for entrepreneurs.  I plan to be chatting out here more in 2009.  Will I see you there?
  6.  Collaborative project management solution.  Who really wants the pain of Microsoft Project and have to  pay for it, too?
  7. Radio network for users to host their own shows.  I haven’t hosted my own show, yet, but I’ve found some excellent content out here.
  8.  Turns Powerpoints and PDF’s into webpages.
  9.  Invoicing, time tracking and expense service.  This was easy.  I wish I could have all those hours back that I spent trying to figure out how to pay myself with Quick Books.
  10. Google Alerts: sends you an email digest every time your search term or query comes up.  I use this to keep an eye on my name and Vivid Epiphany (in other words, to manage my digital footprint).

Peace and Prosperity,


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