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Another Reason Why “Speaking Mastery” Rocked

What I’ve noticed about attending excellent seminars is that they tend to attract excellent people.  The Speaking Mastery Conference attracted exceptional people, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to connect with them.

One of the things that we did at the conference was to each give a 30 minute talk.  I was exceptionally nervous because I had completely overhauled my talk based on what I’d learned in the previous 5 hours and because the quality in the room was outstanding.  It’s tough getting up in front of a group of your peers who you know are going to be critiquing your talk.  I haven’t been that nervous in front of a group in a while.

The best part was that we spent the next 45 minutes to an hour focused on that person’s talk and how it could be more effective.  While Michael Charest, who led the conference, was the resident expert, we coached each other how to be better and more effective.  There were times that I was so engaged in the talk that I forgot to be looking at the mechanics. It never got boring, and we each learned a lot from the individual attention provided for each participant.  It was amazing.

This highlights the distinction between individual and group coaching.  With individual coaching, the experience is tailored exactly to meet the exact needs of the client.  It’s more personalized.  With group coaching, the experience is tailored towards the needs of the group, which tend to be similar in my groups because we connect around a purpose or theme.  While it isn’t individualized, what it does offer is the collective wisdom of the group.  That’s powerful stuff.

I want to say again how grateful I am to have Michael, Judy, Rick, Katherine, Madelyn, Joyce, Karen, Geri, Sundi, Sydney, and Carole in my life.  You guys rock!

Be Your Best You Today,


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