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Archive for March 2009

The One Question That Will Improve Your Productivity Exponentially…

…and if you can get your company to adopt it as a practice, will eliminate needless distractions and improve the productivity of the entire organization.

Photo by Alec Brock

Photo by Alec Brock

How does this [conversation, activity, report, spreadsheet, meeting, etc.] add value?

Independence and Self-Reliance Are Myths

Interdependence  Photo by Elea C

"Interdependence" Photo by Elea C

We in the United States value independence. It’s in our cultural dogma:

  • “I did it my way”
  • “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps” (What the heck is a bootstrap?)
  • “I stand on my own two feet”

Who among us does anything without a contribution from someone else?

Is Your Staff Sabotaging Your Opportunity for Success Right Out of the Gate?

Photo by sookie

Photo by sookie

When your company is trying to implement something different, what phrases do you hear uttered in hushed tones (and sometimes not so hushed tones) in the break room and around the smoking area?

Anything like this?  “It will never work.”  “Here we go again.”  “We’ve never gotten this right.”  “This is stupid.”

The not-so-subtle underlying message is “So why try?”

Conquering the Sneakiest Source of Unnamed Conflict

Photo by Noyes

Photo by Noyes

My face is very expressive.  My husband calls me an eyeroller. I think about all the times that there is something going on, like a five hour stint with and without my web developer trying to get the branded page of my ezine to look right in 2 browsers and an email client (Aweber sucks!).  Sorry, I digress, and Aweber really does suck.  My DH almost always thinks that the frowns, the sighs, the groans of utter exasperation are directed at him and not at that timesucking Awber interface.

My Resume/Sales Presentation is Perfect… It Must Be the Economy

Photo by Taku

Photo by Taku

The first question I have to ask is, is it really perfect?  (By the way, the answer to that is always yes.  Human nature.)

It’s hard not to take pride of authorship, and this somehow seems to get worse in the face of stress or insecurity, doesn’t it?

We have a word for this in coach-speak.  It’s called “uncoachable.”  This is the person who has to be right even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Inspirational Workplace Q&A – I am losing my job, but I don’t know when…

Q. At the end of last year, I received the top rating on my performance review.  I asked if any layoffs were on the horizon, and my manager told me that it was possible, but my job was safe.  I thought I’d be lower on the list for a reduction because I did so well.  About two weeks ago, I got my 30 day notice of a lay off.  I was shocked, and I haven’t really done anything to look for another position.  Now, my manager tells me that they may need me around for another month or two.  He thinks that we might be able to extend it out until this storm has passed.  I’d like to keep my job if I can.  What should I do?

The Tale of SLB– Really, I couldn’t make this up if I tried

Photo by Zoe

Photo by Zoe

Oh, you guys…. I’ve been sitting on this one for over a week because I didn’t know how to tell you about it in a way that wouldn’t be disparaging to the individual, because I think I’d like him as a client.  I know the person who related this to me would like me to have him as a client.  But this is just so…. The Office or maybe Dilbert.  To “Dick” – oops, sorry.

Neutralize the Biggest Threat to Your Success

At Coach University, there are nine guiding principles that help us understand how people interact with the world. They are:

  1. Photo by Catherine

    Photo by Catherine

    People Have Something in Common

  2. People Are Inquisitive
  3. People Contribute
  4. People Grow From Connection
  5. People Seek Value
  6. People Act in Their Own Interest
  7. People Live From Their Perception
  8. People Have a Choice
  9. People Define Their Own Integrity

Finding Value in Unproductivity

Photo by Michael Lehet

Photo by Michael Lehet

I went to my friend’s lakehouse this weekend with several friends.  My plan was to get some work done while the rest of the group were out fishing. (I fish, but not when it is cold and drizzly.)  I didn’t even get out my work bag, and honestly, I was kind of bummed because I didn’t even have the inclination to something done.

Liz Ryan’s Top 5 Networking Rules – Good Stuff

Photo by Joe Kirschling

Navigating business networking these days can be confusing at best.  My friend Jeff Klein offers two excellent excellent teleseminars on the subject.  Learning the rules of the networking road becomes more and more necessary as more and more toes get trodden upon.

There are more networking tips out there than one can read in a day, and I thought these five from an article written by Liz Ryan were some of the best:

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