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Finding Value in Unproductivity

Photo by Michael Lehet

Photo by Michael Lehet

I went to my friend’s lakehouse this weekend with several friends.  My plan was to get some work done while the rest of the group were out fishing. (I fish, but not when it is cold and drizzly.)  I didn’t even get out my work bag, and honestly, I was kind of bummed because I didn’t even have the inclination to something done.

I know some of you are saying, yeah right Carolann, none of us want to work on the weekend.  For me, it is a little different because this is the office work that I really like, such as writing this blog or improving my talks or finishing up some new products.  So, when I’m not motivated to do it, something is off.  Maybe it was the rain and clouds over the mid-section of the country.  Who knows.

I realized after spending most of the day chatting on Linked In, Twitter, with my Mastermind Group, on Facebook and working with clients that it isn’t just me.

My friend Tom made a great point this weekend, and I am going to put it in my own words, since this is what I got out of it.  There is an experiential value to not working.  The key is finding it.

In this case, it wasn’t hard.  Nor was it hard last week, when I blew off dance class for poker night.

In both instances, not only did I receive the obvious benefit of hanging out with my friends and having some fun (which I do not want to discount here in any way), but I made some mental connections and ah-ha’s for later blog posting :-)

Tom and I had a nice discussion about the human condition called “not enoughness.”  We started to examine how it impacted the behaviors of ourselves and people we’ve worked with over the years.  That’s a topic for tomorrow…

So, for you on your journey, think about last time your work day didn’t go as planned.  Did you find the value?

Be Your Best You Today,


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