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What Have You Always Wanted to Know About Business Networking?

Are any of you amongst the 67% of people who loathe networking?  (That statistic along with the word “loathe” came from a Business Networking International study).

I was one of those people, and to some degree I’ll admit that I still have some discomfort around it… even though I run a networking group that teaches people how to network better…. even though I do it all the time.  My “hang-ups” are different than they were years ago, and I still have some learning and reframing to do.

The Power of Now Strikes Corporate America… Maybe

Photo by lepiaf.geo

Photo by lepiaf.geo

It’s rare that good ideas from popular culture make it into the board room.  For some reason, they seem un-businesslike, maybe sometimes a little “woo-woo.”

Reading from my January 2009 Fastcompany (yes, very behind), I noticed some quotes from the CEO of Cisco, John Chambers.  “Focus on what we can influence, and not over- or under-react to things we cannot.  It’s a question of living in the world as it is, not the way we want it to be.”

How Safe is Your Identity Online?

Photo by tcoffey

Photo by tcoffey

I’ve been advising my clients to set up Google Alerts on their name and company name to keep an eye one what’s out there about them in Cyberspace.  I think the benefits of managing our online footprints go without saying.

My friend Kat Rice, of Verabatim e-Consultation and Design, wrote an excellent post about how companies are tracking your social media activities and selling data about social media demographics.  She takes you step-by-step through looking at what’s out there about you from a social media perspective.  I recommend that you take a look.

Too Fat to Get a Job

Photo by Felix

I was waiting at the bar before a networking event, a man and a woman walked in.  They were talking about his job search, loudly enough for me to stop reading my Kindle and look up. (This sounds like a bad joke.  WIsh it was.)

“I Have Too Much to Do, and I’m Bored”

Every heard that?

I used to say something along those lines to my mother, except that it used to start with an “I’m bored” and then she’d list all the unpleasant things I could be doing, like cleaning my room.

This is not a good thing when it happens consistently at work.  Many of you are probably rolling your eyes.  There’s that Carolann, master of the obvious.

Bad Manager – The One Question You Can Count On To Tell You That You Have a Serious Management Problem

The top reason people leave their company when they are temporarily dissatisfied is because of their direct supervisor.  If we think about it, it probably isn’t news.  Most of us probably quit a job or two or three because the “The Boss is stupid.”

The direct supervisor is the day-to-day representation of the organization.  This also means that person is the most influential when it comes to employee engagement.

Turns Out I wasn’t Alone Having That “Ick” Feeling at Work

@HireCentrix posted a link to on Twitter to this article that reminded me of something I’d suppressed…

I used to have this co-worker who turned nearly everything that was said into some sort of sexual innuendo.  Although, I am pretty sure he was only trying to be funny and not intimidating or predatory… ICK!

What’s funny about this is that I’ve been known as “one of the guys” in the past.  I mean, one could say pretty much anything in front of me, and I wouldn’t be offended.  But this guy… ICK!

HR Thinks Bob is a Sociopath, and They Hired a Coach?

Photo by chriss

Photo by chriss

In yesterday’s post, I talked about “Bob,” a VP at a large company who has more than 50 HR complaints lodged against him.  The HR director chatted with me about it, because she’d read The Sociopath Next Door and thought that it described Bob pretty accurately.  That said, she hoped that some coaching might work a miracle.

A Sociopath in a VP’s Clothing? (Not Talking about Dick Cheney)

Photo by thom

Photo by thom

I was recently conversing with an HR director about some of her challenges, and she told me this story:

Bob* (not his real name) is a Senior Vice President in a large corporation.  He reorganizes his group about once a quarter as his direct reports fall in and out of favor.  In fact, there is a running, cynical joke about the major and minor reorg (Majors in March and September, Minors in June and January).  Some employees have a betting pool about who’s getting put where next.

The Simplest Step in Creating an Inspired Workplace

Photo by Joseph Nicolia

Photo by Joseph Nicolia

Creating an Inspired Workplace, by definition means that the environment has to be someplace where people want to work.

A few years ago, I had a business in the same office building where I’d worked a few years before that.  As I was driving into the parking garage, going over the first speed bump, I felt my insides tighten up and my breathing become shallow.  I’d hated that job.  For sure, I’d been a part of the 75% of people who aren’t engaged in their work.

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