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Solving the Middle Manager’s Constant Dilemma: More To Do’s Than Time

Photo by Jalon Nichols

Photo by Jalon Nichols

Ugh, it’s been longer than I wanted it to be since my last post.

Notice that?

I’m beating myself up over something that didn’t get done.

Not very helpful, is it?  True statement, but not helpful.

It also trains the brain to focus on what’s not happening.  We tend to get more of what we focus on.  If you believe in the Law of Attraction, chalk it up to that.  If you don’t believe in LOA, the brain-based coaching explanation is that we are telling our non-conscious mind to use the filter “leaving stuff on the to-do list,” and because the non-conscious mind wants us to have what we focus on, we become less efficient.

So, the first thing I propose, for both of us, is to focus on what we are getting done.

The second thing I propose is to focus on what we are getting done.  This time, I mean in the moment.  Focus on it.  Close the door.  Put the do not disturb sign on the cube wall, roll the phone to voice mail, shut off the email alerts (or just close the thing down entirely), put in the ear plugs and get something done.

And, not just any old something.  Focus on the most important thing to get done in this moment.  You’ll be surprised at three things.  One – how much more you’ll get done.  Two – how many things really aren’t that important and become moot over the course of time.  Three – much of the guilt over what you’re not doing vanishes.

Don’t know what the most important thing to do in this moment is?

That’s a different issue for a different day, and something that my clients don’t ever have to ask.  Because they have the foundation in place to always know.  If you want that for yourself, schedule a complimentary session today.

Be Your Best You Today,

Carolann Jacobs

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