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Archive for July 2009

The One Mistake Employed Professionals Make That Could Cost Them Thousands

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Did you know that 89-90% of jobs right now are found through business networking?

In robust economies, online job postings work, but in slower economies, many employers don’t bother to post job openings, even on their own company websites. Why? Because they don’t have the capacity to handle the volume of resumes that they know will come in. They know they can find someone excellent through referral.

Inspired Workplace Q&A: When is it Time to Go?

Photo By Martin Stelbrink

Photo By Martin Stelbrink

Q:  I have grown to hate my job.  I feel the dread coming on sometime around 6:00pm on Sunday night.  I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.  As hard as I try, I am not doing a very good job (lord knows neither the people I report to nor the ones who report to me look satisfied).  There are probably some things I could do to change things, but I don’t know if I want to or if I even have the energy.  I am so sick of corporate culture. Maybe I should start my own business.  You’re always saying that I can improve my situation by improving my leadership and communication skills, but when is it time just to leave?

Middle Manager’s Dilemma: Differentiating Pushback from PITA

Upside Downside Photo by Thomas Lieser

Upside Downside by Thomas Lieser

Are you the gal who’s known for pushing back on every proposed change?  Do you know that gal?

Almost every one of us knows someone who sees the downside to every initiative, and one of the challenges that my client, Negative Nellie, reports is that it’s hard to get people to take her seriously.  She’s frustrated, because she’s trying to point out risks and set reasonable expectations.  She believes the people around her are frustrated and annoyed from the eye-rolling and the sighs.

Practical Middle Management Tips: When Your Boss is the Hoover

Photo by heather powazek champ

Photo by heather powazek champ

After Tuesday’s post, I got several private messages about the boss’s suckage.  What?  No comments on the blog?

So, what do you do when your boss sucks the air out of a room like a human tornado?


OK, you knew that and it was too easy. And, we’ll get back to that.

Practical Middle Management Tips: What to Do When Your Boss Thinks You Suck Like a Hoover

Photo by Therese F

Photo by Therese F

Don’t you just love it when you think you’re working your fingers to the bone, you’re doing the best job you can and your boss lets you know that you are the Hoover Windtunnel of suckage?

Brain Food For Middle Managers: How to Keep the Creativity Alive

Photo by Giorgio Montazeri

I just got back from vacation.  Sorry about the long stretch not posting on the blog, but the site was undergoing some changes.  And, when I go on vacation, I go offline.

That most middle managers can’t go on vacation without being tethered to the office by a laptop or other mobile device is not only a crime, it’s counter-productive to the company.  This is something that Albert Einstein knew on an experiential level.  Whenever he had a problem he couldn’t tackle, he did something else.  He spent time with friends and family.  He gave his brain a break.

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