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Five Keys to Greater Success, Starting Today

eWomwn Ottawa Canada

eWomwn Ottawa Canada

I just returned from the eWomen Network International Conference, and as usual, I’ve come back with energy to spare.  This was my 2nd trip to the eWN conference.  Last year, I didn’t know anyone, so I just plopped down at whatever table and met people.  I connected with several people.  This year, I was gratified to see some of the same women I sat next to last year up on stage as experts this year.  And, it wasn’t done in a self-congratulatory way; these women had really grown over the last year.

Cherie and Carrie had published their books.  Robyn’s new book is a New York Times Best Seller.

So what made the difference for them and the women like them who grew exponentially over the last year? I knew you’d want to know, so I asked.  And here were the common themes:

  • Set the right goal. Yes, I know this one shocks you because we never talk about goal setting on this blog.  The point that these ladies made was that it was the “right goal,”  meaning that they had passion and desire around it.  If what you’re striving for makes you feel defeated every time you think about it, you’re going down the wrong path.
  • Take action every day toward that goal.  Another shocker!  This is what I call “The Compounding Effect of Action” (adapted from Mary Allen’s Compounding Effect of Choice).   Small steps every day get you closer than standing still.
  • Ask for help. This is not the most obvious.  In western society, we place a lot of emphasis on doing it ourselves, pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps.  Folks, none of these women achieved their goals alone.
  • Build yourself a Board of Directors. In fact, each of these women created a team of advisers to help them overcome obstacles and find creative solutions.
  • Get a coach. Almost all of them had hired a coach.  eWomen Network has a ton of coaches as members and provides coaching assistance as a part of the membership benefit.  Coaches help clients achieve goals faster because they provide clarity, focus and accountability for their clients.

So, we’re a little over halfway through 2009.  How are you doing?  Are you moving forward or does August 2009 look a lot like August 2008?  August 2007?  How about August 2004?

Be Your Best You Today,


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