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Investing in People Pays 600% Dividend

I need a picture of me on a soapbox.  Anyone know where I can find one?

Engaging employees pays off more than fear.  Most of us know this because we desperately want to be engaged and fulfilled ourselves, and we know that when we’re connected with what we do, we go the extra mile gladly.  However, knowing it in our heart of hearts doesn’t work for some.

Study after study has shown that employee engagement has direct correlation to retention, productivity, profitability, safety, absenteeism, and customer satisfaction.  But, that’s someone else, not us, right?

For those who’d rather rip out our heart-hearts than engage them… and other naysayers… Gallup has just posted about how a Caterpillar dealership which services the construction industry reaped $3M last year off of a $500K investment, all while embarking on massive internal change.

What made the different for this Caterpillar dealership?

Communication.  And not the “do this, do that” kind.  Real connection.

Engaging with the customers.  It’s crazy how successful companies can be in a down economy by giving their customers what they want.

Note to those of you who work for internal customers:  What value does your group bring the table?  There may be some productivity and engagement gains to be made by eliminating stuff that doesn’t benefit the customer.

This is a good read if you want to make the case for improving engagement in your organization.  Stepping carefully off my soapbox…

Be Your Best You Today,


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