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Archive for September 2009

The Customer Experience & The Managewich

Photo by Tamer Shabaneh

Photo by Tamer Shabaneh

My hubby and I  just got back from an awesome trip to Cancun.   I bought the trip somewhat last minute from Sams Club of all places.  It was a surprise for Russ’s birthday, so I wanted it below the radar.  The trip was almost too good to be true price-wise, and even though I did my research, my biggest concern was that the hotel was going to be awful.

Today, I am Puzzled. is a great place to do some puzzles online is a great place to do some puzzles online

Today, I’m puzzled.

As I am out and about at various networking events here in the DFW metroplex, I meet a lot of struggling solopreneurs.  It seems like many businesses just aren’t doing as well as they were a year or two years ago.  Something about the economy?  Anyway, the usual topic of conversation when we have facilitated group discussions is around needing more clients or customers.

Tax Day for LLC’s

For my Small Business Owner friends…. friendly reminder that today (not Oct 15) is tax day for certain entities.

And this concludes my shortest blog post ever!

Be Your Best You Today,


The Omniscient Managewich

I have a question for the sandwich generation of managers, middle managers or owner managers, stuck in the middle of competing priorities and agendas:

Why is it so hard to know what someone else really wants or believes, and yet, how is it that we know others’ intentions just by looking at their body language or actions?

Paradoxical, yes?

Managewich Tips: Tired of Participating in the 80% of Change Initiatives That Fail?

Change is hard… or is it?

Think about a time when change was easy.  What made it easy?

For me, a good example to illustrate how change does and doesn’t work is recycling.

At first, to recycle, we had to separate cans, glass and paper,  and we had to sort through the plastics for the ones that could be recycled.  There was a special, thinner, less sturdy bag that we had to use.  We had to take it to the recycling center ourselves.  I quit somewhere in the middle of the first bag of cans.

Managewich on the Run

“Stuck Inside These Four Walls, Sent Inside Forever, Never Seeing No One Nice Again Like You…”

Oops, sorry.  That’s “Band on the Run.”  But it could describe the managewich’s office, yes?

Whenever I hear about the “Fight or Flight” Response, I wonder….  is it really either or?

Tips For the Managewich: Don’t Kick the Dog

Ever had that experience where your manager got reamed by a customer, peer or her manager and then turned around and took it out on you?  It gets the expression “kicking the dog” because it’s basically taking out frustration on the defenseless.

Those of us who aren’t that resilient have known for a while that this is a derailer of productivity and a behavior that is predictive of mediocrity because we’ve sat in our little neutrally colored cubicles and stewed about the unfairness of it and wasted time reviewing what we should have said or done differently.

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