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Does Anyone Hire Eeyore?

Photo By Michael

Photo By Michael

For those of you who’ve blocked out or forgotten who Eeyore is, he’s the pessimistic, melancholic, depressed, downtrodden old grey donkey from the Winnie The Pooh books. (Think, “Oh no, we’re doomed!”)

So, does anyone hire Eeyore?  Not unless they are so desperate for a rare skill that they can live with the downward spiraling vortex of negative energy on an ongoing basis.  People avoid the Eeyores of the world because they have a negative energy that drags everyone around them down.  There’s also a perception that Eeyores get less done, because they’re slower.  It think they get less done because they have all their spare energy invested in what’s going wrong.

No one wants to hire a sad sack.  So, if you look like, act like, feel like Eeyore chances are you’re working in a self-fulling prophecy of failure in which you expect and attract that which you don’t want.

What’s do be done?

If you have depression, summon up the energy to do something about it.  Seek professional help.  Get some exercise (which in some studies has shown to be as effective as an SSRI like Prozac).  Depression damages the circuits in the brain over time, so it is important to address this for overall health, not just career or business success.

If you’ve recently lost a job or a client, you’ve lost more than your stream of income.  You’ve lost the habits and patterns that go along with working in a particular place.  Did you know that stresses your brain out?   And, it’s only natural to miss the people you work with and to take what happened personally, even if it wasn’t meant that way.

Here is where working through your “stuff” is helpful.  Even if you think people put on a good face, the anger and sadness comes through in energy and body language.  The person on the other side of the table might not consciously pinpoint why they don’t like you or won’t recognize the “ick” feeling they’re getting when talking to you.  In other words, something’s off.

A practice way to know that you’re truly “over it” when you can talk about your experience with an emotional level that’s similar to talking about college.

Find your Inner Tigger and Be Your Best You Today,

Carolann Jacobs

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