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Putting Some Meat in the Managewhich!

No one wakes up in the morning and asks to themselves, “How can I screw my job up today?”  And yet, sometimes we feel that way in our management roles, yes?

I’ve gotta tell you, when I look back over the course of my corporate career, there were a lot of things I would do differently, mainly around conflict management, negotiation and feedback.  I wish I’d had better examples and mentors.  In the craziness of never having enough time to do what I needed to do, there were many times that it felt like I was blindly feeling my way around the fun house.

So when I set out to create a group program for middle managers and mid-level executives, the starting point was what would I have wanted in that type of program so that I could be the person I wanted to be and show up in the world the way I wanted to show up.  I looked at what I wanted from my managers, in terms of behaviors and development.  I then did market research around the challenges, conducted informational interviews with managers in the field, and observed the recurring themes with my individual clients, and what I found is that most leadership books assume a certain base level of skills and behaviors that most of us don’t have and don’t have the opportunity to develop!  (Explains why there is such a dearth of promoting from within, doesn’t it?)

I created a program that helps my clients perform better and get promoted, because they work smarter, think more strategically, help others to think better (which helps them to get more done with less management involvement and creates opportunities for them, too).  It’s about People, because Process and Product take care of themselves.  Here’s some of what’s in the program:

  • Vision and Strategic Thinking
  • Confidence and Belief (Professional Presence)
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Strengthening Resilience
  • Enforcing Integrity Through Effective Communications
  • Negotiation and Influence
  • Providing Feedback in a Way People Can Hear It
  • And so, the Improve Performance NOW! ™ group program is born!  Now, it’s time to raise the baby.  I’m looking for a select group of no more than 10 middle managers and mid-level execs to participate in the beta program starting in January.  This will be a tremendous personal development opportunity, and in exchange for helping me to iron out the kinks, I am offering this program basically at cost to me.

    There will be two hour-long information sessions titled “Manage Brilliantly From the Middle.  Find Your Voice in Corporate America Without Screaming!” held in teleclass format.  I will make sure that you will leave with some goodies, regardless of what you decide about joining the program.  Here are the dates:

  • Tuesday, December 15 at Noon EST
  • Wednesday, December 15 at 6pm EST
  • One lucky middle manager who attends one of the two live calls will WIN A PAID SEAT to the beta program starting in January.  Now, you guys know… I’m not one of those hard-sell types who plans to waste an hour of your time selling you.  This is a content-rich call, and I invite you to participate, regardless of whether you’re thinking about embarking on a coaching program.

    I’m not kidding about only ten specially selected managers in the launch of the program.  If you want a steal of a deal to attend a valuable program in exchange for helping me “polish the apple,” let me know by registering today.

    Be Your Best You Today,
    Carolann Jacobs

    p.s. – If you want to read more or are having trouble registering here, visit the program site

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