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You Don’t Have to Leave the Cubicle

There’s been a lot of hype lately around escaping the cubicle. It isn’t for everyone. For many, it isn’t realistic considering their current resources, and for some people, going out on their own would be downright irresponsible.

Many of the people who call me looking for coaching services are miserable in their jobs, have been for a while. They’re fed up and burned out. They want to quit.

I don’t blame them. I stayed in a job and a company that I *hated* because the money was good, because I was two paychecks from losing my ability to pay for housing, because the job market sucked and because every so often through the haze of fear, I’d get a glimmer of hope that it would get better. It didn’t.

It’s pretty shocking the risks people will take when they think there’s nothing to lose.

Owning your own business isn’t for everyone. It takes resources, not just financial. Trust me, it’s a rare person or product where simply hanging out the shingle attracts enough business to earn a living.

Most people who start a business from this mental place are doing it to get away from corporate and it’s culture of fear and mediocrity. Many simply want to replace their corporate income. Away from usually isn’t a powerful enough motivator to create success.

The good news is that you don’t have to leave the cube to find satisfaction and contribution in your work. (And, if you have a job now, you’re in a perfect position to explore a change.)

It starts with figuring out what motivates you. What are your values? Your beliefs? Your belief systems? In what ways does your job enable you to live your passion and purpose? For that last question, the answer may be that it provides the funding… and that isn’t wrong if you are living your passion and purpose outside of your job. Now if you’re wandering around your life like you wander around the antique store hoping that something will jump up and catch your eye…

The next step is figuring out how you contribute to the environment that’s around you. Is the culture really terrible? Could it be that’s your filter? Perhaps a company that’s aligned more with your values would be better?

Point is, for many “corporate drones” escaping the cubicle nation isn’t feasible and living as a burned out husk isn’t either. Time to get back in the driver’s seat and steer your bus in a better direction.

Be Your Best You Today,
Carolann Jacobs

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