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You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to Do This Job

Update:  Col. McCraw from DPS did respond to my email.  The short version is that the mental and physical demands tend to weed out a portion of the new hires, and they are studying other reasons why trainees leave in the first year.

I was watching a news story the other night about Texas DPS.  Seems that 21% of their trainees are leaving DPS, and one of the reasons cited was that the pay isn’t competitive.

I’m not buying it.

First, I don’t know about your local municipality or county, but mine’s in a deficit.  Every one within 200 miles is in a deficit, I think, and under a hiring freeze.   It defies credibility that they are leaving Texas DPS to work for other, better paying police departments.

Second, people don’t become peace officers for the money.   They like the power or want to be of service.  That 21% knew what the pay was going in.  Our state troopers are well-respected, and I’d bet that most of their new hires joined because they wanted to be a member of that well-respected department.  Police departments tend to be one of those organizations that foster loyalty.   When 1/5 of the new hires leave in the first year, that’s an indicator that something’s missing.  I doubt that it’s money, don’t you?

I bet if I asked my standard secret question, “Do you think you’re being paid what you’re worth?” the answer I’d get most often would be some form of H-double-hockey-sticks no.  Guys, when the vast majority of people are disgruntled about pay, it’s rarely about the money.  It’s about job satisfaction.

So, for you executives and managewhich’s out there who have unhappy people complaining about money,  don’t be fooled.  Chances are, you can’t pay them enough to put up with what they are putting up with.  And, what they are putting up with is what you have to find out.

According to the Society of Resource Management, it costs $80K to replace the average IT worker and $3250 to replace the average $8/hr employee.   Hiring someone like me to help you retain your employees not only saves you time, it saves you money.

I sent an email to Col Steve McCraw, the Director of Texas DPS, because this is something that I can assess and fix.   If you have any connections with the Texas Department of Public Safety, I’d appreciate your putting in the good word for me.

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