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Leadership Development Gaps Derail Organizations and Careers

What happens when you or your organization have gaps in leadership development?

Employees Perform Poorly

Study after study shows that employees go the extra mile for managers who are highly effective leaders.  What makes an effective leader?  At Vivid Epiphany, we work from the “7 C” model of leadership – Character, Credibility, Competence, Community, Commitment, Contribution, and Collaboration.  Leaders who excel in these “7 C’s” drive better performance, higher profitability, and retain key talent.  Here’s why… satisfied employees who have an emotional connection to their leadership go the extra mile and are willing to put up with more ambiguity.  Great leadership isn’t something that just happens for most people.  It has to be developed.  What are you going to do differently in your leadership to make sure you and your team are achieving better bottom-line results?

Key Talent Leaves and Mediocre Talent Stays

The best and the brightest don’t stick around to work with mediocre talent in environments that are driven by distrust, fear and chaos.  More and more, people list job satisfaction higher than money as a reason to stay in a position.  According to Gallup, people join a company, they leave their manager.  If you’re the manager who needs leadership development, key talent leaving makes you look incompetent and diminishes your credibility.  For the organization, key talent attrition costs big bugs – many times multiples of the employees’ salaries that are leaving.

Let’s look at Ted (name changed), a VP in a Fortune 20 company.  He was a rising star throughout his career until it stalled.  Ted’s default conflict style was avoidance, and he had three not very competent directors who sabotaged one another.  He managed their performance poorly, and the rising stars found ways of leaving his group.  Ted came to me after he was passed over for promotion a third time.  The cost of the attrition alone was over $1M a year.  Would you promote someone who consistently lost your company $1M a year and whose group most people avoided at all costs?  Of course not.  Today, Ted has moved into the position he wanted because he was honest with himself that he wasn’t going to be able to do it alone and got help from an executive coach.

Your Career Gets Derailed

Working hard isn’t enough.  The three biggest career derailers for executives are difficulty in handling change, not being able to work well in a team, and poor interpersonal relations.  According to an article in Forbes magazine titled “Don’t Blow Your New Job”, the reason 40% of executives fail within the first 18 months is their failure to build relationships.  The Improve Performance NOW!™ Executive Leadership Program addresses these issues and more.  At Vivid Epiphany, we capitalize on your strengths and fill in the gaps to create exceptional leaders.

What’s getting in your way of getting the results you want and what are you going to do about it?

Part of why we get results is that we assign fieldwork.  Your fieldwork today is answering the above question.  We encourage you to find a quiet place and really think about it.  When you’ve finished, we invite you to share your discoveries in the comments below.

Be Your Best You Today,

Carolann Jacobs

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