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Leadership Development: Using Your EQ to Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

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My leadership development clients hear me say this so often, they say it for me before I can get the words out of my mouth, “I hear that you feel very strongly about that… what value did that person step on?”

Many times, we have our ideas of right and wrong, fair and not fair, and (oh my goodness!) they may not match someone else’s.  Does that make us absolutely right?

Talentsmart, the vendor who supplies most of my supplies when it comes to Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, wrote this excellent white paper.  In it, you’ll learn about the stories we make up in our heads, baseless bitterness… things that those of us who are still works in progress still manage to do, if only on occasion.  Here is the article about emotional intelligence for your enjoyment.

The most important point I want to make is that emotional intelligence is a skill.  Even the most obtuse person out there can benefit from some training and follow up coaching.  I include Emotional Intelligence as a module in my Improve Performance NOW! Executive Leadership program, and some companies opt to offer it as a breakout workshop.  I believe that Emotional Intelligence is what will differentiate the best leaders from the pack going forward.  It is the essential skill for promotion to the next level.   If that’s something that you individually or you and a leader in your company want to explore, please give me a call: 972-599-2642.

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