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A Note From Carolann

A Note from Carolann Jacobs, Executive Coach, Speaker & Founder of Vivid Epiphany

Carolann Jacobs, Leadership Development, DFW Executive CoachI consider myself a corporate survivor. Although I consistently built enclaves in which people who worked with my groups could do their best work every day, play to their strengths and feel a sense of contribution, as their leader in a vacuum of real leadership, I was left to battle those whose only agenda they promoted was their own, and as I rose through the ranks, more and more often I was asked to behave in ways that were antithetical to my values. Overworked and burnt out, I disengaged, which left me drained, bored and powerless.  I was in the “doom loop”. Does this sound like you?

This is what happens to the best and the brightest when their workplaces expect that they’ll leave their freedom and independence at the door and to be blindly loyal and submissive to the company that will probably lay them off the next time they need to see an improvement in earnings per share. (This is where the Generation Y’s are going, by the way.)

My Vivid Epiphany was that it doesn’t have to be this way. I wasn’t playing a big enough game on a big enough field, and I started my own company. I wanted to use my own gifts as a leader to empower others to live their passion and purpose, however they see fit, and it was a part of my calling to help people find their “what’s next” and to create those communities in places that they historically couldn’t find them, like in Corporate America. The way I do this is by coaching others to be the leaders of themselves.

The usual answer for those who’ve lost their vision, their passion, their purpose, is for them to find it and to start their own company, like I did.

The first challenge with this approach is how do you find your passion and purpose when you feel like your soul has been sucked dry? What if you spend years building your skills around something you thought you’d like, and you end up hating it? That’s an expensive learning experience, yes? I coach people to find their real passion and purpose and, and I take them from exhaustion to inspiration.

The second challenge with this approach is that not everyone has the time, the wherewithal, the desire, the skills to embark on an entrepreneurial venture. It is our job, then, to create a culture in which people use the best of themselves in whatever endeavor they undertake, whether it’s in Corporate America or as a leader in their small business or as a leader in non-profit or as a community organizer. The strategies for success are the same, regardless of environment.

I clawed my way out of the doom loop, and I’d like to save you the trouble.

I coach successful executives and business owners to be the leaders of their lives and businesses; the kind of leaders that we’ve all been waiting for; people we want to follow because we trust them, because we know that they will do the right thing, hard decisions and all, every time. I coach leaders who create strong communities in their organizations and who leverage the collective commitment of their groups to achieve great results both for the organization and the individual. I coach leaders who produce more leaders.

It is our job to create a culture in which innovative thinking and greatness, instead of mediocrity and being less, are the price of admission. I invite you to join this community of life and business leaders.

Be Your Best You Today,


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