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Practical Middle Management Tips: When Your Boss is the Hoover

Photo by heather powazek champ

Photo by heather powazek champ

After Tuesday’s post, I got several private messages about the boss’s suckage.  What?  No comments on the blog?

So, what do you do when your boss sucks the air out of a room like a human tornado?


OK, you knew that and it was too easy. And, we’ll get back to that.

Creating “Personal Curb Appeal”

Creating “Personal Curb Appeal” is the most important lesson that all of us can take from the Sales body of knowledge.  Whether we are job seekers, entrepreneurs, leaders, or employees, we all perform sales, every day.  One of the keys to our success, whether it is landing that job, winning that sale or getting buy-in for our ideas, the people we need on board have to respect us and trust us.  That starts with curb appeal.

Too Fat to Get a Job

Photo by Felix

I was waiting at the bar before a networking event, a man and a woman walked in.  They were talking about his job search, loudly enough for me to stop reading my Kindle and look up. (This sounds like a bad joke.  WIsh it was.)

The Best Answers to “What’s Your Current Salary?”

Photo by tunachilli

Photo by tunachilli

When I go to Sam’s Club and a walk by the Cheesecake Factory’s Cheesecake Sampler in the freezer case, it is easy for me to walk by.  I can see the delicious cheesecake on the pretty packaging, but I’m not invested.  If it costs too much, I can walk right on by.  If there is someone standing there handing out a 1 inch by 1 inch sliver of delicious cheesecake and I sample it, now I want it.  I’ve become attached, and chances are, price becomes less of an issue.  Isn’t that true of many things that we really, really want?  When we really, really, really want something, when has price stood in the way?

Uncover Hidden Opportunities in Challenging Times

Besides keeping your winning mindset, the overriding theme in my “Replacement For Outplacement Bootcamp” is uncovering hidden opportunities and taking a systems approach to doing that.  These same concepts apply to all of us, as things change.

So, how do you uncover opportunities in these times?

Liz Ryan’s Top 5 Networking Rules – Good Stuff

Photo by Joe Kirschling

Navigating business networking these days can be confusing at best.  My friend Jeff Klein offers two excellent excellent teleseminars on the subject.  Learning the rules of the networking road becomes more and more necessary as more and more toes get trodden upon.

There are more networking tips out there than one can read in a day, and I thought these five from an article written by Liz Ryan were some of the best:

“The Whole Process Has Changed–And I was so Overwhelmed”

“Carolann and Miriam helped me reframe my job search. It’s more than a search of the job boards. It’s really a search for others who are traveling the same way and to whom I have something to give….Thank you, ladies, for shining bright lights through the murky waters of job seeking for us!”

This testimonial makes me want to smile and cry all at the same time.  Miriam Salpeter and I were able to help so many people with our teleseminar series Land Your Dream Job.  That makes me happy that we could be of service.

What’s Your Saddest-But-Can-Now-Laugh-At Red-Flag Story?

Miriam Salpeter, my partner for “Land Your Dream Job” and I were talking about some of the “horror” stories from her recruiter friends about major faux pas that candidates have done in interviews (such as calling their previous boss an insane a$$hole).   She recently wrote a post on her blog about Red Flags and not ignoring them.  It’s tough in this economic climate when all the news is bad, and I’m not looking at your mortgage statement.  That said, it has been both of our experiences (which again, aren’t your experiences) that most people who ignore the “red flags” end up regretting it.

Inspirational Workplace Q&A – We’re Having a RIF. What Can We Do To Help Our Laid Off Employees Make the Transition

Photo by Tim OBrien

Photo by Tim O'Brien

Q:  I am so overwhelmed.  I work in Human Resources for a mid-size business, and we’re having to reduce our staff.  I’ve worked side-by-side for several years with many of these people, and it breaks my heart that we’re having to do this.  How can I make this easier for them.

Why can’t job interviews be honest dialog?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing?

These days job interviews resemble this weird, parallel, Stepford-wives-ish universe in which everyone is perfectly groomed and smiling.  Let’s play a game of interview tennis.

Brian Liloia

Photo by Brian Liloia

The interviewer serves the ball: “Tell me about yourself.”

The well-prepared candidate slams it the ball just inside the right corner with a well-prepared two minute commercial about all things relevant to the job. The score is love-love

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