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Leadership Development: Using Your EQ to Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

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My leadership development clients hear me say this so often, they say it for me before I can get the words out of my mouth, “I hear that you feel very strongly about that… what value did that person step on?”

Many times, we have our ideas of right and wrong, fair and not fair, and (oh my goodness!) they may not match someone else’s.  Does that make us absolutely right?

Getting Unstuck: Leadership Development Tools For Better Results

Getting Unstuck, Leadership Development, Carolann Jacobs, Vivid Epiphany

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Who wants to know how to get yourself and your teams unstuck?  Wouldn’t that be a valuable skill to have in your leadership development toolkit?

To get ourselves and others unstuck, first we have to explore what’s getting us stuck in the first place.

Leadership Development Happens Daily

This article came to me via my friend Sharon Armstrong from Stampin’ Up.   It’s a good reminder that by taking intentional steps daily, we grow over time.  So many people sleepwalk through their day.   The reason vary.  Some are too busy with lives that are unsustainably full of stuff to do.  Others are in jobs that are boring.  Others are in so much pain they shut down.  I argue that’s no way to live , let alone work.  And, increasingly, it may mean the difference between being in demand and being irrelevant.   Which is why I leave you with “Be Your Best You Today”.

Escape the Drama Triangle

Have you guys ever noticed how a lot of what I yap about here on the blog about business really translates back to life?  If you haven’t noticed, then I want to highlight the point today.

One of the books on my shelf is The Power of TED (again, thank you Ken Abrams for turning me onto that), which is where I first learned of “The Dreaded Drama Triangle.”  As a human effectiveness expert, the description of the drama triangle quoted from their book’s website made perfect sense to me:

Man (or Woman) Up! Curing the Epidemic of Weak Leadership

This morning I was attending the Young Women Executives Forum at the Tower Club, and today’s topic was Conflict Management. This is a topic that I hit with my coaching clients 100% of the time.

We all have a default mode for dealing with conflict. Some people use the “my way or the highway” approach. Others are passive-aggressive. Others stuff their point of view down like a philly cheesesteak, and what comes back up when they get a overstuffed ain’t pretty.

Managewhich as Leader in Trying Times

Photo by Wendell

Photo by Wendell


Here’s an excerpt from “Breakthrough Leadership”  by Wayne Baker at the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business.  As you read it, I encourage you to think about how you can create this for the people who work with and for you.

“Extraordinary events–positive or negative–are temporary openings for breakthroughs in personal growth, organizational development, and human progress. Breakthrough leaders seize these moments to explore a world of new possibilities for themselves, for their organizations, for society.

When Honesty = Lack of Maturity

Photo by  j. cliss

Photo by j. cliss

A long time ago, far, far away, I was sitting in my SVP’s office having a one on one.  I suppose his leadership coach told him that’s what he needed to do to connect with the up-and-coming leaders, or whatever they wanted to call those of us who were on the fast track.

How to Keep the Feedback Conversation Out of the Ditch (Part 4 of The Fact & the Fundamental Lie)

Cat Fight Photo by Kevin Steele

Cat Fight Photo by Kevin Steele

Recapping parts 1-3…

Janice* runs the governance group for her company, and Rhonda* works for Janice in that group.  Over the course of time, Janice has developed a healthty distrust of Rhonda, although she’s never addressed it directly with Rhonda.  Anyone with two eyes and half an ear can observe that something isn’t right in that relationship.  Rhonda doesn’t really understand why Janice doesn’t like her, but she’s never engaged in that conversation, either.  Rhonda thinks she’s done her job well and doesn’t understand why she can “do no right” by Janice.  The last conversation started with Janice saying to Rhonda, “You always try to sabotage me”  and ended with two angry people who both think they are right.

The Best Leadership Book

Randy Pausch wrote his book The Last Lecture partly as a way to leave a legacy to his children when he knew that he would not live to see them grow up.  Ironically, had he not had the pancreatic cancer that took his life, most of us would never have known this computer science engineer and professor whose fame was mostly within the computer science community.

Creating “Personal Curb Appeal”

Creating “Personal Curb Appeal” is the most important lesson that all of us can take from the Sales body of knowledge.  Whether we are job seekers, entrepreneurs, leaders, or employees, we all perform sales, every day.  One of the keys to our success, whether it is landing that job, winning that sale or getting buy-in for our ideas, the people we need on board have to respect us and trust us.  That starts with curb appeal.

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