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Business & Relationship Networking

Avoiding Career Limiting Moves at This Year’s Holiday Party

Jennifer Luney and I had just a little too much fun on the last segment of the Lunch and Learn TV show today. We skipped over over-imbibing at the holiday party and started right off with holiday party rule #1: No casual sex with your co-workers.

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Small Business Owners and Solo-preneurs: Learn the Power of Partnering

While many of us who start our own businesses or who become solo professionals value our independence, we quickly find more value in having people at our side to give us extra strength, visibility and insight in the market. And so we get out there both in person and online to network and build relationships.

It’s great to meet new people and learn what they do, and it’s even more exciting when you can find a great deal of synergy between your goals and theirs. This is when you can start to explore referral partnerships or strategic alliances.

Kicking Myself – 6 Missed Opportunities

Photo by Molly Steenson

Photo by Molly Steenson

Ever had one of those moments when someone told you something that you aleady know, but you’ve let it slide or you’ve never implemented it?

I hate to admit it in public, but I had one of those moments this week.

I pride myself on my business networking savvy.  Mind you, my friends Jeff Klein, Jim Penny, Liz Lynch and Dean Lindsay are the experts, but still, I would like to think that I’ve incorporated many of their best teachings into my business system.

What Have You Always Wanted to Know About Business Networking?

Are any of you amongst the 67% of people who loathe networking?  (That statistic along with the word “loathe” came from a Business Networking International study).

I was one of those people, and to some degree I’ll admit that I still have some discomfort around it… even though I run a networking group that teaches people how to network better…. even though I do it all the time.  My “hang-ups” are different than they were years ago, and I still have some learning and reframing to do.

Liz Ryan’s Top 5 Networking Rules – Good Stuff

Photo by Joe Kirschling

Navigating business networking these days can be confusing at best.  My friend Jeff Klein offers two excellent excellent teleseminars on the subject.  Learning the rules of the networking road becomes more and more necessary as more and more toes get trodden upon.

There are more networking tips out there than one can read in a day, and I thought these five from an article written by Liz Ryan were some of the best:

Do you Kill Your Credibility At the Handshake?

Another way to kill the cred is not brushing - photo by Jim Frazier

Another way to kill the cred is not brushing - photo by Jim Frazier

Has this ever happened to you?

You sat across from an executive at a business meeting or company event.  You had a nice chat.  Maybe you even heard about their last vacation or what’s been going on at a big picture level in the company. Fast forward two weeks.

The Biggest Secret to Having What you Want

Bet you can’t guess what it is…

Last week, we explored how active, real Listening is the key for creating great solutions out of conflict.  Surprise, surprise, it is also the key to your getting what you want out of life.  The second biggest secret to having what you want is to be in constant service to others.  How can you be in service if you don’t know what people want and need?  You could guess, or you could just ask a question and pay attention to the answer.  Which sounds like a more direct route?

What’s Your Business Networking System?

I just finished this week’s installment of my Land Your Dream Job Seminar with Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers.  Much of the Design Your Strategy, Devise Your Action Plan and Get Moving was centered around designing a strategy around networking.  My guest in 2 weeks will be Jeff Klein founder of Klein Creative, speaker, author, and creator of the audio 30 Seconds to Success.  If business networking is something that you’re still not comfortable with doing or aren’t receiving results doing, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff’s teleseminars.

Take a Leadership Role: Build Priceless Business Relationships

Dean LIndsay came to speak at my Winning the Game Lunch in Plano, TX last Friday.  His talk not only gave me a different framework for talking about the importance of relationship networking, but also reminded me how important it is to you and yours to take a leadership role as a networker.  In this article, Dean provides a 4 step process to becoming a great networker.  These are also great tips for how to succeed in any environment that requires service, collaboration and trust.

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