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Life & Death Communications


Here’s an exceptional article about communication, collaboration and the importance of setting the right tone:


Be Your Best You Today,


How Safe is Your Identity Online?

Photo by tcoffey

Photo by tcoffey

I’ve been advising my clients to set up Google Alerts on their name and company name to keep an eye one what’s out there about them in Cyberspace.  I think the benefits of managing our online footprints go without saying.

My friend Kat Rice, of Verabatim e-Consultation and Design, wrote an excellent post about how companies are tracking your social media activities and selling data about social media demographics.  She takes you step-by-step through looking at what’s out there about you from a social media perspective.  I recommend that you take a look.

What to Do With That Statement From the Social Security Administration

Photo By Wally Gobetz

Photo By Wally Gobetz

The temptation is to shred it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t much appreciate my complete social security number printed on anything, and that green envelope that says “TO BE OPENED BY ADDRESSEE ONLY, UNDER PENALTY OF LAW”  might as well say “PLEASE…. STEAL THE IDENTITY INSIDE.”

I digress.

Nutritious Food For the Brain

Lime Jello Brain Photo by Elisabeth Feldman

Lime Jello Brain Photo by Elisabeth Feldman

Happy Thursday!

Next to being a co-author in a client’s amazing success story, the best thing about being a coach is the [self-imposed] requirement of being a lifelong learner.  Being innately curious and a lover of ideas and language seem to be common amongst the coaching creed.

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