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Small Business Success

Afraid for your Livelihood? Now’s not the time to hunker down.

This could also be titled Playing to Win vs. Playing Not to Lose.

What tends to happen in frightening circumstances is that we pull in, physically and mentally.  We play not to lose.

Making decisions out of fear is the hallmark.   Many times, we know these decisions aren’t good ones, but we make and commit to them anyway, because we’re afraid of losing.

Today, I am Puzzled. is a great place to do some puzzles online is a great place to do some puzzles online

Today, I’m puzzled.

As I am out and about at various networking events here in the DFW metroplex, I meet a lot of struggling solopreneurs.  It seems like many businesses just aren’t doing as well as they were a year or two years ago.  Something about the economy?  Anyway, the usual topic of conversation when we have facilitated group discussions is around needing more clients or customers.

Tax Day for LLC’s

For my Small Business Owner friends…. friendly reminder that today (not Oct 15) is tax day for certain entities.

And this concludes my shortest blog post ever!

Be Your Best You Today,


Creating “Personal Curb Appeal”

Creating “Personal Curb Appeal” is the most important lesson that all of us can take from the Sales body of knowledge.  Whether we are job seekers, entrepreneurs, leaders, or employees, we all perform sales, every day.  One of the keys to our success, whether it is landing that job, winning that sale or getting buy-in for our ideas, the people we need on board have to respect us and trust us.  That starts with curb appeal.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities in Challenging Times

Besides keeping your winning mindset, the overriding theme in my “Replacement For Outplacement Bootcamp” is uncovering hidden opportunities and taking a systems approach to doing that.  These same concepts apply to all of us, as things change.

So, how do you uncover opportunities in these times?

My Resume/Sales Presentation is Perfect… It Must Be the Economy

Photo by Taku

Photo by Taku

The first question I have to ask is, is it really perfect?  (By the way, the answer to that is always yes.  Human nature.)

It’s hard not to take pride of authorship, and this somehow seems to get worse in the face of stress or insecurity, doesn’t it?

We have a word for this in coach-speak.  It’s called “uncoachable.”  This is the person who has to be right even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Another Reason Why “Speaking Mastery” Rocked

What I’ve noticed about attending excellent seminars is that they tend to attract excellent people.  The Speaking Mastery Conference attracted exceptional people, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to connect with them.

One Reason Why “Speaking Mastery” Rocked

Photo by Nicholas Laughlin

Photo by Nicholas Laughlin

Many of you know that I just got back from Business Growth Solutions’ Speaking Mastery Conference in Kansas City because I was pinging about it periodically through the weekend.  There was so much great information and energy, I though my cranium couldn’t hold it.  For those solopreneurs and small business owners who use public speaking to promote their business, I highly recommend both the Grow Your Business Live! event and the Speaking Mastery.

Top 10 Business Tools You Can Get for FREE

Photo by Seth Anderson

Photo by Seth Anderson

I came across an excellent article on about some of the best free tools to help small business owners.   I had been looking for things like this for my business a few months ago, and I wish I’d found some of these.

Here are my top 10 picks:

  1. Open source web conferencing applicaiton.

What are you doing differently today in your small business?

Photo by Lennart Huizing

Photo by Lennart Huizing

A funny thing is happening at some of the networking events I’ve attended recently. Many of the stock brokers and real estate agents are complaining about the market (one realtor even said she was bored). Every time I tell them that I don’t get it, they look at me like I’ve lost my mind.

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