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Executive Coaching

Unleash Your Potential!  Galvanize Your Peak Performance!

Vivid Epiphany™ leadership development and executive coaching engagements support executives and managers to step up and into their best.  What sets Vivid Epiphany™ apart is the quality of our coaches, the use of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, and our trademarked programs and products.

Coaching is all about asking the powerful questions that lead to making physical neurological changes in the brain.  We assess your foundation and what you want to accomplish.  From there we identify the gaps and develop a strategy will lead you to your vivid epiphanies.

Our coaches totally commit to your greatest success and support you with:

  • Core Value Assessment and Alignment
  • Strength-based Development and Growth
  • Illuminating Blind spots
  • Career and Goal Charting
  • Executive and Leadership Presence
  • Leadership Development
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Conflict Management
  • So much more!!!

Vivid Epiphany™ offers the Improve Performance NOW!™ Executive Leadership Program in individual and group formats.  The individual format is best for those who want individual attention or find groups distracting and who want to tailor the program to best fit their needs.  The group format is best for those who get energy and learn best from others and who may be price sensitive.

To get started today, contact us for your complimentary initial consultation!

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