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What are your organization’s vision, mission, objectives and goals? Are the meaningful? Do they resonate? Does everyone understand how they fit in to achieving the organization’s objectives and are the group and individual performance objectives aligned with the business strategy?

If you answered no to any of those questions, a professionally facilitated workshop may be solution.

Professional Facilitation provides a structured process for solving problems, developing plans, and reaching consensus. It supports and enables the process of discovery and the evolution of ideas. Your facilitator understands the process and group dynamics to create the outcome you desire. She is responsible for keeping the group on track, creating synergy within the group, resolving conflicts and ensuring participation.

Vivid Epiphany provides certified Professional FAST Facilitators. We specialize in helping organizations create visions and missions, set annual goals, and create measurable objectives.

Some benefits of Facilitation

Faster outcomes – because the facilitator brings tools to spark the creative thinking process and because the group keeps its focus

“Buy-in” – because the participants co-create the result

Improved relationships – we find that people get to know each other better and respect each other more as they participate in this process.

Contact Vivid Epiphany today at 972.599.2642 or by email to learn more about how meeting facilitation can help your organization achieve it’s goals.
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