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Hiring for the Best Fit

Inspired Workplaces require the right people, in the right positions, in the right organizations

Hiring the right fit is paramount for employee retention and employee engagement. Little drains the energy of the organization faster than an energy vampire who either doesn’t have the capability or isn’t willing to be excellent in their role.

Employee turnover costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year

Hiring a bad fit can cost big bucks.  Did you know it costs, on average, $75, 000 to replace the average Information Technology worker?  $3250 to replace an $8/hour store clerk?  Upwards of 200-250% of a senior manager’s salary to replace said senior manager?

To put this into perspective, let’s use that $75,000 to replace the average IT worker.  We have a company we’ll call “Techzone”.  Techzone has 500 IT employees.  Information Technology as an industry has a voluntary attrition rate of 10.6%, but Techzone hovers around 15% depending on the year.   Techzone’s VP of HR attributes the difference to bad hires because of the high number who leave within their first year of employment.  So, if 5% or 25 employees leave each year because they aren’t a good fit, that costs $1,875,000 annually.

Folks, that’s a small company.  Think about translating that to a larger company!

For those of you who think that’s off the mark, consider this:

  • How much does it costs to backfill the position?  Think overtime and opportunity costs.
  • Productivity lost.  Often we lose 50% of compensation and benefits and someone else fumbles around the work.
  • Cost of the exit interview, stopping payroll, etc
  • Training costs (many trainings have to be redone for the replacement)
  • Severance and benefits continuation
  • Impacts to unemployment
  • Recruitment and interviewing costs
  • Drug screens and background checks
  • Supervisory time for new hire
  • Lost productivity while onboarding and getting up to speed
  • Admin costs to onboard new employee

Interviews are notoriously bad for determining good fit

We’ve all seen it, that person who was fabulous in every interview who turned out to be a total dud on the job.  And, we’ve wondered, how could that happen?

It happens because of personal bias.  We like people who are like us, and good interviewers adjust to be like us.  They may or may not be.  And, there are dangers in hiring people who are like us because we hire both our strengths and weaknesses.  Our founder, Carolann Jacobs, recently related this story to group of HR professionals:

“I was in my first management position, and this was the first time I’d stepped away from a software development role.  I was nervous and excited to be hiring my first employee.  Of course, I’d had no training about how to interview.  My ignorance was compounded by not really knowing what to ask, other than technical questions.  My own strengths are strategic thinking and logic.  I tend to be big picture oriented.  The one task I found to be torturous in software development was testing, because once I created my software, mentally, I was done and on to the next.  I ended up building an entire team of developers who had zero orientation to detail and avoided testing like the plague.  Painful lesson learned.  I’m not saying I don’t listen to my gut when I’m getting a bad vibe.  I am saying that I question that bad vibe before saying no.”

We also hire bad fits because after this long period of economic turmoil, the interview has become less like a conversation and more like performance art.  Candidates know what to say and what not to say.  They know how to build rapport and appear enthusiastic.

How to ensure a great fit every time

Incorporate Vivid Epiphany’s assessments into your interview process.  We use one of two assessments to ensure best fit.

The first is the Human Factors Analysis (HFA) that we developed in collaboration with the Foundation for Integrative Research.  The Human Factors Analysis provides 19 dimensions of how a person thinks and processes information. It provides insight into how to motivate an individual, how an individual processes information, the basis for which an individual will make a decision, primary role on a team, and so on.  This assessment cannot be scammed.

Vivid Epiphany can perform the HFA for you, or we can train manager in your company about how to use the assessment and incorporate it into your interview process.   Contact us today for more information.

For those organizations that are more comfortable with DISC, Vivid Epiphany provides the Extended-DISC profile.

The second assessment that Vivid Epiphany uses to determine best fit is the Extended DISC.  Extended DISC measures the unconscious behavior and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioral style, allowing the measurement of emotions.

Extended DISC provides two profiles:

  • Profile I illustrates how the person feels they want/need to adjust their behavior to cope with the requirements of the present environment and demonstrates the individual’s conscious understanding of oneself and one’s own behavior in the present situation (conscious self image).
  • Profile II illustrates a person’s natural response to an external stimulus. The natural response is the behavioral style that takes the least energy and effort, requires the least amount of concentration, and is usually the most pleasant to the individual.

By comparing these two profiles we know whether a person has tried to answer the questions the way they believe the interviewer wants them to appear, we can tell whether there is a key feeling of uncertainty or lack of clarity, whether the person feels insecure or whether a person is frustrated. We can even interpret a key feeling of helplessness and again whether a person is under pressure. We can tell whether a person feels the need to adjust, the amount they feel the need to adjust, and whether that adjustment is likely to lead to stress in the long haul.

For more information about how we can help your organization ensure a best fit every time, contact us today.

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