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Who works with a coach?

Our clients are successful people who do not look at coaching as “needing help.” Rather, like elite athletes, they recognize that having a coach gives them a competitive edge in reaching their full potential.

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Browse the success stories below.  Do any of these sound like you?  Wouldn’t you like to see similar results in your life?  What impact could you have if you had more influence?  If you want to be more, do more, and have more, with the same amount or less energy than you’re expending now, contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation.


Sam’s Leadership Development Success Story

Sam is a mid-level executive in a Fortune 500 Corporation and had been in the same role for 6 years.  In his company, high potentials earn promotions approximately every three years, and Sam felt that he’d been derailed from the fast track.  Sam hired Vivid Epiphany™ to provide individual executive coaching to identify where he could improve his game.

Sam’s first ah-ha moments came within the first month of the engagement.  Escalations were the norm rather than the exception, and Sam spent an inordinate amount of his day arbitrating disagreements both amongst his direct reports and between his direct reports and other groups.  One of Sam’s greatest strengths is that he has excellent rapport with his colleagues, and it was also his greatest weakness.  In his quest to preserve his self-image as a likeable guy, he tended to fold when confronted, so his group often “lost” when conflicts arose with other groups.  Sam also tended to let his directs fight things out amongst themselves rather than deal with them.  The result was that he had a group that didn’t play nicely with others, which negatively impacted the company’s perception of their value to the organization.

Sam expanded the engagement with Vivid Epiphany™ so that we could provide leadership development coaching for his staff, too.  We concurrently worked with Sam on his conflict management skills and behaviors, leadership styles and coaching skills so that he could continue developing his staff once our engagement finished.  We also used the Career Circle™ to strategically manage Sam’ relationships to increase his influence.

As a result, Sam enjoys reduced stress because his team works together instead of against each other.  The volume of escalations has reduced by half, and continues to drop as his team learns how to better collaborate and negotiate.  He has developed relationships with several mentors and champions in his organization, and this year, he received the largest percent bonus in his career.  Our expectation is that he will be promoted in the next cycle.

Dan’s Leadership Development Success Story

Dan is a CEO for a startup company that has now has 200 employees. This was a remarkable achievement considering the economic factors in his industry. Dan’s challenge was that he wanted his company to grow, and over the last year, the company’s revenues had flatlined and turnover increased.   Dan hired Vivid Epiphany™ to coach him because his team “just didn’t get it” and he was exhausted and at wits end.

We identified that Dan’s key derailing behavior was that he didn’t trust his executive team, and he wouldn’t delegate. His executive team got the message that they weren’t trusted, and there was turnover as they realized there were no growth opportunities in those positions. The company couldn’t grow because Dan didn’t have any more bandwidth. Dan was so busy that his employees didn’t see him, and they didn’t think he cared about them, which impacted their engagement and productivity.  At Vivid Epiphany, we had an additional concern around succession planning and what happened to those 200 people should something happen to Dan.

We worked on the crux of Dan’s issue which was trust. Dan had been burned a few years ago by a close friend, and didn’t trust anyone outside his immediate family. We took Dan through a self-discovery process which identified Dan’s “trust strategy”. Understanding that, we created a plan with built in monitoring and feedback so that Dan could learn to trust his loyal staff and learn to trust himself to identify people and situations who could hurt him. As a result, Dan was able to grow his executive team into the leaders they wanted to be. He was able to reclaim some time for his life and family. He’s reducing turnover (this is improving all the time). The next phase of this engagement will be to intentionally design their corporate culture.

Liz’s Leadership Development Success Story

“Liz” manages a sales group, and though her peers who manage the same amount of budget and staff are directors, she’s still a senior manager.  Liz hired Vivid Epiphany™  because her organization had put an emphasis on coaching skills and hadn’t provided the training.  And, after 13 years with the company, she felt that her career had stalled.

Early in our partnership, Liz received a devastating blow when she was blindsided in her annual performance review. Always a peak performer, Liz’s confidence was shaken when she received the lowest rating.   We created a strategy for Liz, which included doing some due diligence about what was in her review.  We mapped out her circle of influencers using the Career Circle™.

It became clear almost immediately that her manager had been sabotaging her, and through the relationships that Liz built, she was able to move within the organization. She upgraded her coaching skills, and in less that six months, her team was the best performing west of the Mississippi. Her VP recommended her for a national promotion. And most recently, her reputation for results was recognized outside the company, and she is being courted for an executive position with another company – a three level promotion.   Because we partnered to enhance Liz’s leadership strengths, she was able to get her career unstuck and her organization enjoyed higher profitability.

Mark’s Leadership Development Success Story

Mark is an executive in a large corporation. He thought himself as a nice guy, and he believed he was a good manager and leader, though he’d learned it all on his own. The employee engagement scores on the company’s employee survey were lower than others in his company and his team was underperforming its targets. His management strongly emphasized that he needed to improve the engagement scores…or else.  Mark had been working to improve the engagement scores in his group for years and didn’t know what to do.

Mark engaged coaching services in both the Improve Performance NOW!™ program and also with team coaching.  Mark immediately became more aware of the following behaviors in his group and their negative impact on performance:

  • Open sarcasm in meetings
  • Escalations where people should be able to make the decisions themselves
  • Defensiveness and resistance to any kind of change, no matter how small.

He realized that everything was a challenge and that he was exhausted.

The Improve Performance NOW!™ program taught Mark how to clearly communicate expectations and priorities, identify and change behaviors that undermine his ability to form trusting relationships and create a collaborative team environment.  The team coaching supported Mark in achieving his business results by identifying the team behaviors necessary for success and using Brain-based Coaching to improve the team’s thinking and interaction.  As as result, the engagement scores increased by 10%, which now puts Mark ahead of his peers.  He reduced employee turnover in his group, which saved his company approximately $500,000 in this past year.  As a side benefit, Mark says his relationship has improved with his family bceause of this process.

Sara’s Leadership Development Success Story

Sara is a mid-level manager in a large telecommunications company. In a department with 6 managers and directors, she was responsible for over 40% of the deliverables and dollars. Her challenge was that she seemed to be losing effectiveness and her team was losing credibility in the organization. Her team complained about being micromanaged, and she felt like she was working too hard. Her VP brought Carolann Jacobs in to speak at a planning meeting, and at Sara’s requset, hired Vivid Epiphany™ to coach her and her team.

Through onsite observation and behavioral assessments, Sara and Carolann identified two key derailing behaviors around her communication style. The first was that Sara is extremely tactical, and outstanding executer, which explains why she had such a successful delivery rate. This also worked against her, because she explained tasks to her team at a level of detail that they resented and tuned out, resulting in a cycle of poor performance from Sara’s staff requiring Sara to “babysit” projects.

We worked on Sara’s listening and questioning skills so that she learned to adapt her style to best suit the listener while being able to trust that her team understood her message. This resulted in her getting the results that she expected without her constant involvement.   Sara’s second derailing behavior was that when she became passionate about a topic, the pitch became shrill and her syllables clipped. “Fingernails on a chalkboard” was aphrase used to describe her. People literally would avoid calling her or avoid attending conference calls with her, and it created unnecessary escalations as people went around her.

We shadow coached Rachael onsite, which allowed her coach to instant message her whenever she lost control of her tone. Because we were able to provide immediate feedback, Sara became instantaneously more effective and learned how to self-monitor her communication. Once we unleashed Sara’s potential, the number of escalations reduced and Sara found that her influence skills increased because people could hear her.   Her team’s ability to deliver improved, and other groups sought out her team to manage their projects.  Sara is currently leading a management group in a different department.

Michelle’s Leadership Development Success Story

Michelle works in a corporation as a mid-level manager. She’s survived several layoffs, but she’s stagnated in her job and feels stuck. On the one hand, if she takes a risk to get ahead, she may be the next one on the chopping block. On the other hand, she knows that her chances for promotion are slim if she continues to operate under the radar.

Michelle signed up for our Improve Performance NOW!™ program to bolster her professional presence, become a person of influence in both her personal and professional life, and write her own ticket into her next opportunity.   As a result, Michelle is in a new position in which she is thriving.  She explains, “The tools I received around conflict management and crucial conversations have been invaluable.  What I loved about this program was that I learned the skills and then had an opportunity to practice them with the support I needed to make these new behaviors habit.  I feel much more confident because I have the skills to broach subjects which used to make me uncomfortable.  When I look back, I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short time.”

Justine’s Leadership Development Success Story

Justine is a successful IT professional who has it all. She has a great husband, two great kids, a nice house, a new car, and a lifestyle she really likes. Her guilty secret is that she’s bored, she doesn’t feel like she’s contributing anything meaningful, and she feels handcuffed to her job that allows her to have this lifestyle. Justine knows she wants to do something, but she doesn’t know what that something is. Justine engaged Vivid Epiphany™ to help her have that ah-ha moment of clarity to discover her vision, her passion and purpose.

Through our partnership, Justine uncovered what she was meant to do, the legacy she was meant to leave.  We designed a career for her which would allowed her to work to her strengths.  She now feels like she makes a contribution every day. She does what she loves.  She reports, “My whole outlook has changed.  If you were to talk to me five years ago, you would have thought I was the most negative, cynical person ever.  I had to force myself to get out of bed every day.  Now, it’s completely different.  I am living up to my potential, and I am getting better every day.  I can’t believe I wasted so much time doing something I hated. I tell everyone I meet not to make the same mistake I did.  Get yourself a coach, and be who you were meant to be.”

Courtney’s Leadership Development Success Story

Courtney is a new manager. She received no training with the promotion and is now in the awkward position of managing her peers. She works all the time. Her husband resents that she works day and night, as do her friends. She feels insecure and unsupported. She secretly suspects that people want her to fail.  Courtney joined the Improve Performance NOW!™  program to develop her professional persona while still being herself, to improve her influencing skills and to bring some balance back into her life.  Today, she reports a significant leap in her leadership effectiveness, which her management corroborates, and she received her first “1″ (on a scale of 1 to 5) performance rating.

John’s Leadership Development Success Story

John was burned out in his corporate job and decided to leave to start his own business. Both the adrenaline and the money are running low, and John finds himself working more and more hours to keep the business afloat. His sales pipeline is empty, and he spends his days fighting fires instead of generating new business. Like many entrepreneurs, John feels isolated and fragmented. John comes to coaching to re-vision his vision, prioritize, to develop a business plan and to keep his focus on his goals.

We provided a partnership for John to create a strategy, balance and accountability so that he can be successful in his personal and professional life.   John noticed gaps in his marketing and sales process and created a system to improve those.  His sales are up by 30% at last report, and he has plans to expand.

So, you’ve seen how coaching has made a difference for Mark, Sara, Liz and others.  Why not you?  You can have these results.  Find out how.  Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation.


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