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The Decoder Ring: Understanding the Invisible Differences Between Men and Womens’ Rules at the Office

Did you know that women and men operate by a different set of rules in the workplace? The way we played as children and the way we socialized as teens taught girls and boys different rules of engagement, unwritten rules whose violation creates misunderstanding, reduces trust, and limits career opportunity. In this workshop, we learn the rules of the road, and answer such questions as, “How could he do that to me?” and “Why did she take that so personally?” Participants of this entertaining workshop leave with tools that improve their relationships immediately.

Personal Communication Styles Workshop

When you develop an understanding of communication styles, you can gain greater appreciation for an individual’s words and actions. When you understand why someone did or said something, you will be less likely to react negatively, and an awareness of another’s frame of reference can allow you to diffuse problems before they even start. Each participant in this workshop will take the PCSI online assessment tool, and we will examine and analyze each style. We will examine others’ styles and learn how to adjust so that communication is more effective.

Trust in the Workplace

This half-day workshop explores how we build trust, how we break trust, and how we can repair trust relationships. Little gets done in an organization that has no trust, and the most trusting organizations are the most productive. Participants will leave this workshop with the understanding of their role in building a trust relationship and how they can improve their relationships with co-workers.

Elevating Relationships by Intentionally Managing Conflict

Conflict is going to exist in any situation where two or more people with different views and goals are required to co-exist in a system. Our reptile brain chooses our automatic response based on reward or threat, and the level of reward or threat will impact the unconscious response. Consequences of poor and unresolved conflict are the ir-repairable relationships and ineffective decision-making. This half day workshop examines the participants’ natural conflict response styles, provides a model for identifying others’ conflict response styles, and ultimately provides a toolkit for using different strategies to more effectively manage conflict, improve working relationships, and create an environment for better decision-making.

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