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Escape the Drama Triangle

Have you guys ever noticed how a lot of what I yap about here on the blog about business really translates back to life?  If you haven’t noticed, then I want to highlight the point today.

One of the books on my shelf is The Power of TED (again, thank you Ken Abrams for turning me onto that), which is where I first learned of “The Dreaded Drama Triangle.”  As a human effectiveness expert, the description of the drama triangle quoted from their book’s website made perfect sense to me:

I’m not a Mule, and Get that Carrot Out of my Face!

I love this short video by Dan Pink about what motivates us.  As someone who’s mission is to create inspired workplaces, I think this says a lot about why traditional forms of performance management don’t work.

I attended that Dallas Drucker Society meeting last night, and one of the participants was talking about hiring a CFO.  She mentioned that she wouldn’t even consider a candidate if money were an issue.  She wants people who believe that if they do a good job the money will follow.  In uninspired workplaces, that’s simply not true.  They think they got a bargain.

How to Shut Screaming Mimi Up

Article #2 in the series “The Dirty Dozen of Bad Bosses”

Screaming Mimi costs the company more than she’s worth.   She’s needy, fickle, and stubborn, and her peers and subordinates never know when she’s going to throw a tantrum… and she’s still your boss.

As tempting and as justified as you may feel to assume the victim role in this story, it puts you in a position of powerlessness, and you lose the opportunity to grow.  Today, we’re going to take a more active and empowering approach.

Man (or Woman) Up! Curing the Epidemic of Weak Leadership

This morning I was attending the Young Women Executives Forum at the Tower Club, and today’s topic was Conflict Management. This is a topic that I hit with my coaching clients 100% of the time.

We all have a default mode for dealing with conflict. Some people use the “my way or the highway” approach. Others are passive-aggressive. Others stuff their point of view down like a philly cheesesteak, and what comes back up when they get a overstuffed ain’t pretty.

For the Managewhich and Business Owner: Who’s a Team Player?

Photo by Joseph Shemuel

Photo by Joseph Shemuel

Team Player is one of those phrases that we all assume we have the same definition for.  It’s one of the performance management buzz-phrases that shows on reviews and on job descriptions.  And, we all think we know what it means, but do we?

Managewich Tips: Tired of Participating in the 80% of Change Initiatives That Fail?

Change is hard… or is it?

Think about a time when change was easy.  What made it easy?

For me, a good example to illustrate how change does and doesn’t work is recycling.

At first, to recycle, we had to separate cans, glass and paper,  and we had to sort through the plastics for the ones that could be recycled.  There was a special, thinner, less sturdy bag that we had to use.  We had to take it to the recycling center ourselves.  I quit somewhere in the middle of the first bag of cans.

Investing in People Pays 600% Dividend

I need a picture of me on a soapbox.  Anyone know where I can find one?

Engaging employees pays off more than fear.  Most of us know this because we desperately want to be engaged and fulfilled ourselves, and we know that when we’re connected with what we do, we go the extra mile gladly.  However, knowing it in our heart of hearts doesn’t work for some.

Women Stuck in the “Managewich”, Get Out of Your Own Way!

Jim Bumgardner

Jim Bumgardner

There’s a new study out last week that shows women consistently underestimate and undervalue their own performance at work.  It gets worse the older women get, so the women who are most likely to break out of middle management (the “managewich”) and into the executive ranks are sabotaging themselves.  This makes me furious!

How Can I Tick You Off or Disappoint You Today?

Photo By Don Van Dyke

Photo By Don Van Dyke

Back in the days when I managed multi-million dollar business applications, there were days that it seemed like I, as a manager, and my team of developers could do no right.  Anyone who deals with customers experiences days like these, and our goal is to have these days be few and far between.

Five Keys to Greater Success, Starting Today

eWomwn Ottawa Canada

eWomwn Ottawa Canada

I just returned from the eWomen Network International Conference, and as usual, I’ve come back with energy to spare.  This was my 2nd trip to the eWN conference.  Last year, I didn’t know anyone, so I just plopped down at whatever table and met people.  I connected with several people.  This year, I was gratified to see some of the same women I sat next to last year up on stage as experts this year.  And, it wasn’t done in a self-congratulatory way; these women had really grown over the last year.

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