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Be Clear Why You’re Here

Living the Success Principles #3

I haven’t written about my journey on the success principles in three months (oh my goodness!!!), and this is a good illustration about how time passes without forward movement.  In other words, a vision without any action is a dream.   To be fair and honest, I am doing between one and five things every day towards my big hairy goal, and my goal is aligned with my vision.   In other words, I’m not just chasing the shiny thing.

How Inimitable Leadership Can Save the Day

Last week, I was reading an article on Gallup about how President and CEO Douglas R. Conant’s plan to revitalize Campbell’s Soup included a decade-long effort to improve employee engagement.   To give you some background, Conent took over at Cambell’s about 9 years ago.  Things weren’t going well.  Campbell’s had one of the lowest engagement scores of any Fortune 500 ever.

Managewhich Tips: What is “Too Busy” Saying About You?

We’re all busy. And, being busy in our culture can be a badge of honor. Busy = Important.

“Busy” is also where Managewhiches get tripped up.

Case Study 1:
Jennifer was on the receiving end of some “unpleasant” news. Her company was cutting back on hours for its hourly employees and reorganizing some of its work, and everyone was informed that “changes were coming” via mass email. Jennifer’s hours were cut in half (as she discovered by looking in the system for her schedule) and some of her duties were reassigned (as she discovered in an unfortunate incident when she showed up to work and someone else was doing her job).

Managewhich’s Guide to the Annual Review

For many middle managers, it’s that time of year again.  Fiscal year’s over and review time is upon us.  I’m guessing that this is an unpleasant task for most of you, which is a shame.

Corporate America has taken one of it’s better opportunities for engagement and celebration and turned it into a administrivia-laden stress-inducing B.S.-laden process that’s designed to control compensation as opposed to inspire great performance.  In the end, most people feel demoralized.  (If your experience is different, I’d love to hear about it.)

For the Managewhich and Business Owner: Who’s a Team Player?

Photo by Joseph Shemuel

Photo by Joseph Shemuel

Team Player is one of those phrases that we all assume we have the same definition for.  It’s one of the performance management buzz-phrases that shows on reviews and on job descriptions.  And, we all think we know what it means, but do we?

Tips for the Managewhich: Is My Staff Doing Anything Resume-Worthy?

Photo by Klaus

Photo by Klaus

One of the more obvious clues that your group is on the chopping block is when you can’t figure out what real value your group adds.  That’s even more true when the company is reorganizing people into that group in ways that don’t make sense.  It’s a good thing for the managewhich to recognize this trend, and start managing up immediately, even if it seems like it is too late.

Manage Which? Up or Down (Part 3)

In the saga of Breeze and Hoover, so far Breeze has been able to minimize the number of times her team is derailed by Hoover’s ad hoc requests.  We set up three circumstances for which she’ll will accept the mission.

First, she has to fully understand how the ad hoc report or spreadsheet will be used.  This forces Hoover to be clear about what he wants, and it also allows Breeze some input into how it’s produced.  This minimized rework when Hoover has asked for something that actually won’t give him what he wants, and sometimes Hoover realizes that he doesn’t need the work done at all.

Woo Hoo Woo Hoo, Making My Radio Debut

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m very excited to have been invited as a guest on the “Business Networking Brunch” this Sunday.  We’re going to be on the air from 9am – 11am Central time on 1360 am in Dallas.

Managewiches, I am there to beat the drum for the cause.   Some of the topics I plan to hit:

  • Why middle managers are integral to execution
  • Why leadership is important in all levels of the organization

The Omniscient Managewich

I have a question for the sandwich generation of managers, middle managers or owner managers, stuck in the middle of competing priorities and agendas:

Why is it so hard to know what someone else really wants or believes, and yet, how is it that we know others’ intentions just by looking at their body language or actions?

Paradoxical, yes?

Investing in People Pays 600% Dividend

I need a picture of me on a soapbox.  Anyone know where I can find one?

Engaging employees pays off more than fear.  Most of us know this because we desperately want to be engaged and fulfilled ourselves, and we know that when we’re connected with what we do, we go the extra mile gladly.  However, knowing it in our heart of hearts doesn’t work for some.

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