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Escape the Drama Triangle

Have you guys ever noticed how a lot of what I yap about here on the blog about business really translates back to life?  If you haven’t noticed, then I want to highlight the point today.

One of the books on my shelf is The Power of TED (again, thank you Ken Abrams for turning me onto that), which is where I first learned of “The Dreaded Drama Triangle.”  As a human effectiveness expert, the description of the drama triangle quoted from their book’s website made perfect sense to me:

Giving up “Because”, Keeping the F-Bomb

Many of you may know that I am on the path to earn my Master Trainer’s Certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).  For those of you who are unfamiliar with NLP, it is model which explains how we process information that comes to us from the outside (and our internal Negative Nelly).  As both an ever evolving person and as a practitioner, I am working on being more deliberate with my use of language.

Managewhich Tip: Process-Focus Ain’t a Bad Thing

Photo by Nur Hussein  - find the pic on Flickr, the story is hilarious!

Photo by Nur Hussein - find the pic on Flickr, the story is hilarious!

We hear a lot about being results-focused and results-driven.  Results are important, and somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of the importance of the journey.

Case and point.  In 1959, Cuba had an illiteracy rate of 23%.  Post Castro revolution, in 1961, it was reduced to 4%.   Let’s just say, this wasn’t the kindest of processes, and yet, if the focus was on the result to wipe out illiteracy, they were astoundingly successful.

So How are Those Resolutions Going?

On the Wagon?  Photo by Craig

On the Wagon? Photo by Craig

So, we’re about halfway through January, and even though I suggested that resolutions are a waste of time, I bet some of you made them anyway.  How’s it going?

For those of you who are on track, congratulations!

For those of you who’ve already broken down, how about trying something different this year.

Managewhich Tip: New Rule for Productivity?

Photo by Delos

Photo by Delos

What if, like gasoline, your brain power and attention were a limited resource?  And that once your attention tank was empty, your thinking ran on fumes?

Turns out, the latest brain studies indicate that this is indeed the case.  Our attention is in limited supply, and we work in ways that squander it.

Putting Some Meat in the Managewhich!

No one wakes up in the morning and asks to themselves, “How can I screw my job up today?”  And yet, sometimes we feel that way in our management roles, yes?

I’ve gotta tell you, when I look back over the course of my corporate career, there were a lot of things I would do differently, mainly around conflict management, negotiation and feedback.  I wish I’d had better examples and mentors.  In the craziness of never having enough time to do what I needed to do, there were many times that it felt like I was blindly feeling my way around the fun house.

Tips for the Managewhich: Is What I’m Doing Resume-Worthy?

Photo by Thana Thaweeskulchai

Photo by Thana Thaweeskulchai

Career Management groups are filled with people who haven’t progressed in their careers, and those are the folks who are having the toughest time landing new positions.   Many of those fall into the category of being happy that they had a job, and so they did whatever was necessary to keep it.   This is fear-based decision-making at it’s finest, and I say at it’s finest because the decision probably wasn’t that conscious for most of them.

10 Ways to Use Linked In To Find A Job

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki wrote a very nice post about some more sophisticated ways to use LinkedIn to help you.  Most of my recent postings have focused more on using social media to build relationships.  This is about the nuts and bolts of doing research.  Small Business Owners, the ideas that Guy talks about in his post could easily be transferred to your research into companies in your target market.

Be Your Best You Today,

50% of the Workforce Cannot Form a Trusting Relationship: What now?

Last year, I read Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain by Sharon Begley and came across the concept of Attachment Theory and had a Vivid Epiphany about why larger workplaces can be so dysfunctional, about why mistrustful and judments abound once an organization reaches a certain size.

Since then, I have amassed materials from several universities.  The concept is fascinating, and I believe it is pivotal to transforming organizations into thriving, profitable communities of creative thinking.

What questions do you have about coaching?

This is your day to get your questions answered. What have you always wanted to know about coaching, but have never had a risk-free way to ask? Leave a post below.

Peace and Prosperity,

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