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Be Clear Why You’re Here

Living the Success Principles #3

I haven’t written about my journey on the success principles in three months (oh my goodness!!!), and this is a good illustration about how time passes without forward movement.  In other words, a vision without any action is a dream.   To be fair and honest, I am doing between one and five things every day towards my big hairy goal, and my goal is aligned with my vision.   In other words, I’m not just chasing the shiny thing.

Solving the Middle Manager’s Constant Dilemma: More To Do’s Than Time

Photo by Jalon Nichols

Photo by Jalon Nichols

Ugh, it’s been longer than I wanted it to be since my last post.

Notice that?

I’m beating myself up over something that didn’t get done.

Not very helpful, is it?  True statement, but not helpful.

Kicking Myself – 6 Missed Opportunities

Photo by Molly Steenson

Photo by Molly Steenson

Ever had one of those moments when someone told you something that you aleady know, but you’ve let it slide or you’ve never implemented it?

I hate to admit it in public, but I had one of those moments this week.

I pride myself on my business networking savvy.  Mind you, my friends Jeff Klein, Jim Penny, Liz Lynch and Dean Lindsay are the experts, but still, I would like to think that I’ve incorporated many of their best teachings into my business system.

How to Keep the Feedback Conversation Out of the Ditch (Part 4 of The Fact & the Fundamental Lie)

Cat Fight Photo by Kevin Steele

Cat Fight Photo by Kevin Steele

Recapping parts 1-3…

Janice* runs the governance group for her company, and Rhonda* works for Janice in that group.  Over the course of time, Janice has developed a healthty distrust of Rhonda, although she’s never addressed it directly with Rhonda.  Anyone with two eyes and half an ear can observe that something isn’t right in that relationship.  Rhonda doesn’t really understand why Janice doesn’t like her, but she’s never engaged in that conversation, either.  Rhonda thinks she’s done her job well and doesn’t understand why she can “do no right” by Janice.  The last conversation started with Janice saying to Rhonda, “You always try to sabotage me”  and ended with two angry people who both think they are right.

The Fact and The Fundamental Lie (Part 3)

Photo by Tiffany Trewin

Photo by Tiffany Trewin

Where we left off in part two, Janice*, the manager of her company’s governance group, has provided Rhonda*, a program manager who works for Janice, with some feedback about her performance.

…which started with “You are always trying to undermine me.”

The conversation degenerated into Janice trying to tell Rhonda all the ways that her circumventing the PMO’s process proved her intent to harm and into Rhonda’s defense of her own character.

The Fact is Also the Fundamental Lie (Part Two)

Photo by Todd

Photo by Todd

In part one of this post, we left Janice* and Rhonda* in Janice’s office.  Janice, the manager of her company’s governance group, is furious that Rhonda, who works for her, has been circumventing the process that the PMO is supposed to be enforcing.  Furthermore, I’d learned in out initial complimentary consultation that Janice has built some resentment towards Rhonda because of some things she’s observed Rhonda doing over the last year, but Janice never addressed it.

Shooting Down “Doubting Thomas” Once and For All

I am a *huge* Wayne Dyer fan, and I am honored to be a sponsor for the launch of his new book “Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits”

This is, after all, a large part of what I do as a coach.  Besides partnering with clients to identify and change their self-defeating thinking habits, we facilitate their better thinking.  I invite you to read more about how this book came about, right from Wayne Dyer:

The Fact is Also the Fundamental Lie (Part One)

Photo by Desiree Delgado

Photo by Desiree Delgado

We humans are a complex bunch.  We haven’t quite evolved to where our pre-frontal cortex can separate out fact from perception, as much as we might think and believe that we have.  I haven’t.  You haven’t.

So, what does that mean and why should you care?

Well, whenever we have a difference of opinion we tend to take our own side.  Never is that more true than when we know we’re right.  Because, when we’re right, we are right, and that means that there is no “other side of the story.”

The Best Leadership Book

Randy Pausch wrote his book The Last Lecture partly as a way to leave a legacy to his children when he knew that he would not live to see them grow up.  Ironically, had he not had the pancreatic cancer that took his life, most of us would never have known this computer science engineer and professor whose fame was mostly within the computer science community.

Creating “Personal Curb Appeal”

Creating “Personal Curb Appeal” is the most important lesson that all of us can take from the Sales body of knowledge.  Whether we are job seekers, entrepreneurs, leaders, or employees, we all perform sales, every day.  One of the keys to our success, whether it is landing that job, winning that sale or getting buy-in for our ideas, the people we need on board have to respect us and trust us.  That starts with curb appeal.

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