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The Power of Now Strikes Corporate America… Maybe

Photo by lepiaf.geo

Photo by lepiaf.geo

It’s rare that good ideas from popular culture make it into the board room.  For some reason, they seem un-businesslike, maybe sometimes a little “woo-woo.”

Reading from my January 2009 Fastcompany (yes, very behind), I noticed some quotes from the CEO of Cisco, John Chambers.  “Focus on what we can influence, and not over- or under-react to things we cannot.  It’s a question of living in the world as it is, not the way we want it to be.”

Too Fat to Get a Job

Photo by Felix

I was waiting at the bar before a networking event, a man and a woman walked in.  They were talking about his job search, loudly enough for me to stop reading my Kindle and look up. (This sounds like a bad joke.  WIsh it was.)

Turns Out I wasn’t Alone Having That “Ick” Feeling at Work

@HireCentrix posted a link to on Twitter to this article that reminded me of something I’d suppressed…

I used to have this co-worker who turned nearly everything that was said into some sort of sexual innuendo.  Although, I am pretty sure he was only trying to be funny and not intimidating or predatory… ICK!

What’s funny about this is that I’ve been known as “one of the guys” in the past.  I mean, one could say pretty much anything in front of me, and I wouldn’t be offended.  But this guy… ICK!

The Simplest Step in Creating an Inspired Workplace

Photo by Joseph Nicolia

Photo by Joseph Nicolia

Creating an Inspired Workplace, by definition means that the environment has to be someplace where people want to work.

A few years ago, I had a business in the same office building where I’d worked a few years before that.  As I was driving into the parking garage, going over the first speed bump, I felt my insides tighten up and my breathing become shallow.  I’d hated that job.  For sure, I’d been a part of the 75% of people who aren’t engaged in their work.

The Best Answers to “What’s Your Current Salary?”

Photo by tunachilli

Photo by tunachilli

When I go to Sam’s Club and a walk by the Cheesecake Factory’s Cheesecake Sampler in the freezer case, it is easy for me to walk by.  I can see the delicious cheesecake on the pretty packaging, but I’m not invested.  If it costs too much, I can walk right on by.  If there is someone standing there handing out a 1 inch by 1 inch sliver of delicious cheesecake and I sample it, now I want it.  I’ve become attached, and chances are, price becomes less of an issue.  Isn’t that true of many things that we really, really want?  When we really, really, really want something, when has price stood in the way?

Uncover Hidden Opportunities in Challenging Times

Besides keeping your winning mindset, the overriding theme in my “Replacement For Outplacement Bootcamp” is uncovering hidden opportunities and taking a systems approach to doing that.  These same concepts apply to all of us, as things change.

So, how do you uncover opportunities in these times?

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